Seven Deadly Prepper Sins


Editor’s note: if you get pleasure from this report, verify out Doc Montana discussing this similar subject in substantially extra depth on The Survival Cache Podcast locate it right here: Seven Deadly Prepper Sins

Recycling cans is fantastic. But recycling faulty intel is poor. But so substantially of the basic prepping info floating about involves recycled info primarily based extra on wishful considering and well-known fiction than on science and historical lessons.

By Doc Montana, contributing author to SHTFblog and Survival Cache

Frequent sense has its limits. Sitting in a comfy chair designing your post apocalyptic survival tactic can be entertaining, but play your situation out additional with all the grit of a true SHTF and you will immediately see that lots of prepper plans could be tiny extra than lipstick on a pig. So right here are my 7 Deadly Prepper Sins primarily based on my observations whilst hanging out subsequent to the recycling bin to see what folks toss into it.

  1. Looking OUT Other individuals WITH LIKE MINDS. Everyone can disagree about one thing. Spouses who have pledged their lives to each and every other nevertheless snap and growl more than the smallest issues. Even tight households blow up at each and every other more than the holidays. So why would you want to shack up with or bug out with a bunch of folks that you do not program on getting capable to disagree with? My point precisely. You must stock up on clever folks, talented folks, skilled folks, powerful folks. Prevent these “yes men” who you assume share the similar values, objective, and identity as you. Rather, you must be prepared to make a neighborhood function with diverse concepts, capabilities, sincere disagreements, and dare I say, democracy. But if you want a dictatorship of like minds to survive, then I’d give it a 50/50 possibility of ending nicely for you and your clan devoid of the probably intervention of competing clans. Beneath continual pressure, I’d give a compound of like minds ten % or much less possibility.
  1. HAVE Lots OF Products FOR BARTER. I hear this all the time and can not think it is nevertheless a factor. So substantially so that I’ve met preppers who have conveniently crossed the line from prepping to hoarding. Barter is fine when issues are fantastic, but barter at any other time is just asking to be robbed or worse. Now I’m not against bartering, but Doc Montana’s rule for Barter is easy: My capabilities for your stuff.  Or my capabilities for your capabilities. After your personal stuff enters the barter equation, you are on the losing finish of the deal. Unless you are trading with a definitely virtuous individual, you will be regarded a minor soft obstacle among your stuff and what somebody else desires. And these definitely virtuous will however be weeded out immediately by the black evil that will populate the WROL landscape.
  1. THERE WILL BE A NEW CURRENCY OF BULLETS OR SILVER COINS OR…. The easy brick wall that a new currency will hit is in the unknown quantity. The paycheck-to-paycheck prepper sees the tiny image. But these with true assets will want to move wealth about in extra than scrap gold or pre-1965 dimes. All really hard assets will swiftly exceed the worth to tiny pseudo-currency things. If we are to preserve an economy of scalable sources like housing, land, and employment, then there will be a want for big-scale asset movement. And boxes of .22 shells will not reduce it. Additional, for a currency to function, it should have an agreed upon worth that transfers among folks. Paying a million dollars for a painting does not imply you have a million dollars of collateral. It just suggests in your private financial sphere, you chose a painting more than the liquid asset of a million dollars. It also suggests you now have a piece of colorful canvas that calls for care and feeding if it is to reamass any worth when we emerge from darkness. But till then, the currency of the future is restricted to the want and imagination among any two parties at that distinct moment in time. And as we’ve noticed even these days, folks will trade something to save a loved one’s life. And I’d argue that it is not possible to negotiate pretty when one particular of the parties has an empty belly.
  1. STOCKPILE FOODS YOU ARE Utilised TO Consuming. Recycled wisdom will have you think that you must shop meals that you consume consistently. That way your digestive program and taste buds will be fine with consuming on the run. This Bug Out Error is doubly poor. Initially, bug out meals must be selected on an completely unique nutrition philosophy than each day meals. In reality, it is roughly the opposite. Your each day meals intake must be a balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates with a preference towards the freshest foods closest to their all-natural state. In other words not processed. Bug out meals, on the other hand, is very processed with a extended shelf life, higher in sodium, preservatives, and far from fresh. And if your present each day diet program mimics bug out meals, nicely then you probably have some dietary difficulties that will bring about you extra severe complications irrespective of whether you want to bug out or not. Just sample your prepping meals to know what you are in for.
  1. COUNTING ON ONLY NINE MEALS FROM ANARCHY. The idea right here is that civil society will only stay so as extended as bellies are complete. And following 3 days of no meals, it will be game-on WROL. In reality, the WROL alarm clock will go off extended ahead of the pangs of hunger drive our reactions. Far more probably the flow of info or lack there of will push society more than the edge. An EMP would bring about close to immediate reaction, and not in a fantastic way. The 1st unchallenged looting will signal the finish of civility. And applying current history as a model, based on the circumstance, it could be 3 days, 3 hours, or even 3 minutes to anarchy. So study the indicators and jump the gun.
  1. Heating the bacon grease

    ENDING YOUR PREPS WITH 3 Methods TO MAKE A FIRE. The error right here is not in the quantity of techniques to get started a fire, nor in the choice of alternatives, but rather in the outright lack of techniques to preserve a fire. Campfires are hungry beasts. Even a tiny fire calls for pounds of fuel per hour. A cooking fire even extra. So the concentrate on fire beginning at the expense of continuous firewood processing is an oversight that can be deadly in extra techniques than one particular. The initial tinder of a fire is tiny and rapidly burning, but a mature campfire calls for a provide of bigger fuel that will only burn as effectively as the wood is processed. Dragging a downed tree across the fire is hardly a clever play for controlling a bug out fire. So have on hand large tools which includes an axe, a bow saw, a hatchet. In reality add a splitting maul, splitting wedge, and sledge hammer if you are definitely severe. Do not overlook the gloves!

  1. BELIEVING YOU ARE Ready. A popular theme that runs by way of prepper-oriented marketing, and in reality the extremely word prepper, is the belief that you can be ready. In reality, “prepping” is nothing at all but a continuum or spectrum of probable conditions for which you have prospective options. Of course you must function towards preparedness, but the deadly sin right here is to attain a point of contentment exactly where you now think you have the suggests and capabilities needed to survive your predicted scenarios. But here’s the catch: issues on planet earth are in fact really fantastic appropriate now. If you have invested cash, time, power, and loads of believed into a project, it is effortless to let that project drive your future choices. Patiently waiting for a collapse, or hoping for a tiny financial or civil shakeup so you can go into active prepper mode is not only harmful, but also unpatriotic. It suggests you have offered up on the terrific American experiment. Any downfall could get your prepper juices flowing, but it will traumatize and terrorize kids who are the subsequent generation of leaders of this terrific nation. Stockpiled preps must in no way be a comfy excuse to burn down institutions that America constructed more than centuries. Like a 250 year old tree, after you reduce it down, the landscape is forever changed, and it will in no way be as fantastic as it was. At least not for a different couple of centuries. So prep with goodness in your heart, not darkness in your future.

When there is a lot of space for debate right here with these 7 Deadly Prepper Sins, all seven are primarily based in reality. Irrespective of whether science, psychology, history or economics, we humans have amassed a terrific wealth of expertise and private predictability. As a result imagining something to the contrary is pure fiction basically since there is tiny proof to help the recycled intel, and ample proof to discount it. Oh, and remain tuned for my 7 Deadly Bug Out Sins.


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