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by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Stoeger S4000E
Stoeger S4000E breakbarrel rifle.

This report covers:

  • Energy
  • Combo
  • Uncommon attributes
  • Two fiberoptic front sights
  • Rear sight
  • The silencer
  • The rifle
  • Cocking
  • Trigger
  • Energy
  • Discussion
  • Summary

Currently I start a report on the Stoeger S4000E breakbarrel spring-piston air rifle combo. This is a moderately-priced ambidextrous gas spring piston rifle that comes in each .177 and .22 calibers. It has a number of issues I have in no way tested for you, like a silencer that has a significant air expansion chamber beneath the barrel.


The S4000E is rated to 1,200 f.p.s. in .177 caliber with alloy pellets, and 1,000 f.p.s. with lead. In .22 caliber the ratings are 1,000 f.p.s. with alloy and 800 f.p.s. with lead. I asked for a .22 caliber to test for you. This is a affordable energy level that has a great possibility to be correct. And, with all the innovation that is gone into it, I positive hope that it is!


The rifle comes with a 4X32 scope and mounts to augment the adjustable open sights. I will test each sorts of sights for you. If the rifle turns out to be actual tackdriver, there is often the alternative of mounting a extra effective scope, as effectively.

Uncommon attributes

Just before I describe the rifle let me inform you about a number of of its special attributes. I’ll get started with the Multi-Grip Program (MGS). There are two removable panels on either side of the pistol grip and two extra on either side of the forearm, at the swell exactly where your off hand goes. The black panels that come on the rifle are checkered with coarse diamonds, but they can be swapped with orange panels that have finer stippling or blue panels with the smoothest stippling of all.

I hoped at very first that 1 of the panel sets would have a Wundhammer palm swell, but no such luck. They all share the identical slim profile. I attempted all 3 and absolutely favor the coarse diamonds of the original black panels that Stoeger calls their Pro Adaptive Checkering.

Stoeger S4000E MGS
The grip and forearm panels interchange, but the profiles are the identical. Only the coarseness of the surface adjustments.

Two fiberoptic front sights

A further special function is the rifle provides you a decision of two distinct fiberoptic front sight tubes. That is a thing I’ve in no way observed ahead of. The front sight comes with a red tube installed and a a great deal brighter orange/red tube as a replacement. I’m colorblind, but I asked Stoeger and was told it is an orangish-red. It looks school-bus yellow to me. The red tube appears dark to my eyes and I will almost certainly shoot with it for higher precision with the open sights, as it will seem to be a plain black post when I sight.

Stoeger S4000E fiberoptic tubes
To switch the fiberoptic tubes (upper correct in this image taken from the box) get rid of the front cap from the rifle.

Rear sight

The rear sight adjusts for each windage and elevation. The manual tells you which way to turn the knobs to move the sight which is great for the reason that neither set of adjustments has any reference markings. Even so, in but an additional very first, there is an adjustment knob on each and every side of the rear sight for windage, generating the rifle even extra ambidextrous.

Stoeger S4000E rear sight
The S4000E rear sight has windage adjustments on each sides!

The silencer

The final special function we will appear at is the silencer that Stoeger calls the S3 Suppressor. That is a great name for it for the reason that it is not possible to silence a spring-piston rifle, given that 80-90 % of its noise comes from the powerplant and not from the discharge at the muzzle. The S3 is baffled and directs the pressurized air down into a significant expansion chamber positioned under the barrel. Appear at the image on the box.

Stoeger S4000E baffles
This picture from the box explains how the S3 Suppressor comes apart, and how the pressurized air is directed down into a significant expansion chamber beneath the barrel. I have not observed something like this ahead of.

The rifle

The S4000E is a breakbarrel rifle powered by a gas piston. It weighs 7.65 lbs. It is 44.125-inches extended with a pull of 14.five inches. The pistol grip and trigger blade are far sufficient apart to favor a bigger hand.

The stock is 100 % synthetic with a Monte Carlo comb and a raised cheekpiece on each sides for extra ambidexterity. The stock is nicely sculpted to match each hands, with the forearm swell completely positioned for my off hand. When I raise the rifle up to my cheek it aligns swiftly.

The synthetic material of the stock is smooth in most locations, with the coarse checkering I described earlier exactly where the hands touch. The synthetic material is challenging at all locations except at the buttpad, exactly where it is a soft grippy rubber. The feeling of all these components with each other tends to make this an uncomplicated rifle to hold offhand.

The piston stroke is pretty extended, as can be observed when the barrel is broken open. But the actual rifled barrel is only 14 inches extended. A extended piston stroke is exactly where the energy comes from, so the cocking work does not will need to be that challenging.

Stoeger S4000E cocked
The extended piston stroke suggests the barrel has to come way back to cock the rifle.


To cock the rifle the muzzle has to be slapped to open the deep chisel detent. As soon as open the rifle cocks like any breakbarrel, although the stroke is extended so the barrel comes back pretty far.


The trigger is two-stage and the engagement point of stage two is adjustable. I will report extra on that in Aspect two.

The security is a button at the leading of the comb that comes straight back when the rifle is cocked. Yes, it comes on automatically each time you cock the rifle. You can also place it on manually at any time — even when the rifle is uncocked.

There is also an anti-beartrap that is separate from the security. As soon as cocked the rifle have to be fired, so bear that in thoughts. And in no way let go of the barrel whilst loading, for the reason that any manmade security device can fail.


I chosen the .22 to test, and I’m glad I did. With light lead pellets it ought to get about 800 f.p.s., which is just about exactly where I want to be with a spring piston rifle — in particular 1 with a gas spring. I’m counting on that extended stroke to make the cocking lighter.


So, what’s my take so far? Effectively, there is a lot of innovation in this spending budget air rifle, which is a great factor. I will need to know just 3 issues at this point. What is the energy with a variety of premium pellets? How good is the trigger? And, most importantly, is the Stoeger S4000E correct? If it is, we have a winner on our hands. If the trigger is also good and the energy is decent with great pellets, we will have a planet class air rifle at an cost-effective value point!


I’m placing this test on the rapidly track for the reason that of the possible significance of the rifle. With Christmas coming this could be a extremely great locate!


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