2WD Ford Ranger Gets $600 ‘Off-Road’ Package


Ford Ranger FX2

Ford desires its 2WD Ranger models to be a bit far more rowdy and fashionable. The new FX2 package offers an electronic locking rear differential, AT tires, upgraded shocks, a front skid plate, and far more — all for below $600.

Is it genuinely doable to have an off-road-capable truck with only 2WD? Ford aims to answer that with the new Ranger FX2. Of course, “off-road” implies a lot of issues to a lot of folks. And even though several purchasers will not take their Rangers off pavement at all, they nevertheless want rugged appears and know-how that the capabilities are there.

Ford Ranger FX2

But Ranger owners who do take their trucks off road most probably traverse forest service roads, farm two-tracks, and brief, rocky scrambles to remote trailheads. A 2WD truck is completely suited to these simple off-road excursions. Despite the fact that a 2WD truck falls brief of a 4WD’s capability in severe climate and terrain, it gives far better fuel economy, a reduce cost, and far more payload.

The FX2’s beefier tires, locking rear differential, and enhanced suspension all function to maximize the 2WD’s chops.

Ford Ranger FX2 Package

Ford knows its consumers want rugged appears, some off-road prowess, excellent gas mileage, and (of course) a much less highly-priced truck. Enter the new Ranger FX2 package.

Apart from the major “FX2” stickers along the sides of the bed, it will be hard to differentiate this truck from a 4WD model. Its 17-inch wheels wrapped in AT tires are the very first step in off-road capability and appears. Subsequent are the front skid plate and air dam-delete. These give the Ranger a distinct appear even though also enhancing the method angle to far better tackle obstacles.

Behind its rugged facade, the Ranger FX2 remains a simple 2WD driveline — with two notable upgrades. 1st, the FX2 package serves up an electronic locking rear differential. Off-roaders know this as the “easy button,” as a driver-selectable diff lock can get you out of a lot of low-traction scenarios.

Second, you will get “off-road-tuned suspension” with this FX2. I think this to be the very same off-road-tuned shocks you’d discover on the FX4.

Ford Ranger FX2

Inside the truck, the only notable alter is the addition of Ford’s off-road cluster screen. This screen sits inside the gauge cluster and displays pitch, roll, and yaw in actual time. That is enjoyable telemetry information, but hopefully practically nothing you will basically will need even though driving a 2WD truck.

The Ranger FX2 package will expense $595. You can order it now, but deliveries will not start off till late this year.

Ford Ranger 4×4 vs. 2WD

Ford says that 1 in 3 Ranger consumers goes with the FX4 package, presently the most off-road-focused Ranger on the marketplace. The FX2 package offers purchasers a a great deal much less highly-priced option even though nevertheless supplying the excellent appears and some of the off-road capabilities. Great all-terrain tires, a far better method angle, and a rear locker will go a extended way in creating the FX2 a pretty usable truck for a lot of folks.

Though the Ranger FX2 will not be wonderful for snowy winter roads, it will be excellent for casual weekend getaways on forest service roads, desert two-track, or for launching a powerboat on a steep, wet launch ramp. Though we may pick out the 4WD Ranger FX4 for its all-season capabilities, the FX2 will satisfy several midsize truck-buyers’ demands at a wonderful worth.


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