Fjällräven Explains Its Use Of Wool — Traversing



The bulk of Fjällräven’s wool, each merino and lamb’s wool, is traceable. It comes by means of New Zealand-primarily based ZQ Wool. ZQ guarantees the wool, from hand-chosen farms in Australia and New Zealand, is traceable down to a collection of authorized farms exactly where the sheep graze. These farms are certified according to a quantity of criteria: animal welfare (primarily based on the UN’s 5 Freedoms of Animals) environmental, social and financial sustainability and wool fibre good quality. This is really outstanding wool, ethically, environmentally and functionally.

Recycled wool is subsequent. Recognized as Re-Wool at Fjällräven, this recycled wool comes from each pre- and post-customer sources across the globe, manufactured for Fjällräven in Italy. It can be defined as old garments or spill wool from the wool market that is been colour-sorted, shredded and re-spun to make new garments. It brings attractive colour nuances to Fjällräven’s Re-Wool sweaters and shirts.

Recovered wool is equivalent to recycled wool, in so a great deal as it is taking otherwise discarded wool and repurposing it. There is a subtle distinction having said that. This wool hasn’t been applied to make a garment and is typically a ‘waste’ item from the meat market. But Fjällräven does not see this as waste. It may well not have the very same good quality as other, finer wool, but it is nonetheless a valuable material, boasting all the very same warming, wicking and odour-resistant properties. Fjällräven is utilizing it as insulation inside some of their Jackets and Parkas and also as principal ingredient in a moulded backplate for the Lappland Hike backpack.