SPG 018: Prepper Shelter Assessment



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Assessment is a large aspect of being aware of how you are undertaking. As humans, we have a tendency to lie to ourselves in order to feed our ego.

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The only way I have located that you can get improved at something is to measure your skills. I am in adore with assessments in prepping. I consider these assessments are so vital.

It requires a specific sort of particular person to appear in the mirror and admit you need to have to boost. The secret is, we all need to have to boost. That is all life is about. Your preparedness is no unique.

How do you go about assessing your survival shelter?


Exactly where is that survival place of yours? What does the population density about that location appear like? It is a major deal. Your place is anything. 

If you are going to be below a lot of stress and not have a lot of aid, nicely, you are not going to farewell. 

Nearby Sources

Are you in an urban location? Are you in a wilderness location? What are the sources of that location? Are there foraged foods, farms, lakes or other types of meals and water? 

What about wood and metal? These are fantastic sources but do you have the tools to manipulate them on your personal?


Is this shelter in a defensible location? Are you going to be in a position to defend your shelter if it becomes below siege? Organizing to be located and getting a program to deal with that is essential.  


You could be faced with overwhelming force. Just mainly because you have a survival shelter does not imply you will hold that shelter, for positive. You have to be ready to shed that shelter. You should really be ready to take it back. 

Exactly where are you going immediately after that? Have a location that you can retreat to. Be positive the globe outdoors your survival shelter is not a wasteland.

SPG 018: Prepper Shelter Assessment - The author has created a great assessment of shelter and also included a podcast as well. What are your plans? Do you have all the shelter you need. More importantly, do you want to get better? That is the question that all preppers must ask themselves.