FightLite SCR – Not Just A Compliant Rifle


Fightlite SCR on the range for review

The FightLite SCR was initially developed by Ares Defense. Just this year* they designed FightLite Industries, a division of Ares Defense. The Ares SCR, now known as the FightLite SCR, stands for Sport Configurable Rifle. It consists of a standard Monte Carlo stock married to an AR-15. It really began as a project to get a Remington 870 stock fitted to an AR-15. It took 4 tries to get the ergonomics correct. The reduced functions comparable to an AR-15 reduced but the only true similarity is that it requires AR-15 magazines and utilizes an AR-15 mag release.

*This short article was initially published in October of 2017. 

Fightlite SCR in a photo by @youngbuckdave

Fightlite SCR by “Young Buck Dave”.

Yes, we know it’s Fightlite not Flightlite, but that is what you get when you kind also rapid.

A single of the significant challenges to producing this perform was the bolt. It is comparable to a Benelli shotgun bolt technique. You can see the tang out the back of the BCG. That plunges into an angled buffer tube that is inside the stock. The stock is really a modified Remington 870 stock.

Fightlite SCR

The uncommon design and style of the Fightlite SCR has resulted in quite a few intriguing attributes – like a BCG primarily based on the Benelli and a stock drawn from the Remington 870.


Fightlite SCR

Fightlite’s SCR will accept any AR 15 upper receiver (properly, any that we know about).

Even although the reduced receiver is proprietary, the SCR can take any AR-15 upper receiver. It will perform with .300blk and if you transform the bolt out for a six.five bolt, then you can shoot six.five Grendel.

Right here is a single of the employee’s individual 300blk SCR. He is pretty tall and has exceptionally lengthy arms.

Fightlite SCR

Fightlite SCR in .300 BLK.

This SCR weighed below six lbs. The barrel has a proprietary design and style. The barrel is not threaded. It has a compression fitting that adds threads so you can add a muzzle device if you wanted to.

Fightlite SCR

The SCR’s barrel is an unthreaded, proprietary design and style but muzzle devices can be added.

To show off the modularity possibilities of the SCR they showed off this wooden stocked and gripped SCR.

Fightlite SCR

A beautiful wood-stocked version of the SCR.

The SCR feels like a standard rifle. When I shouldered it and fired a single it felt like pulling up a shotgun to me. I do not have standard rifles but I felt at dwelling with the SCR. Their early production rifles had a horrible 10lbs trigger. These now have a five-7lbs trigger. I would like a lighter trigger someplace about three-four lbs.

A single challenge I had was magazine adjustments. Due to the ergonomics of the grip and trigger, I was unable to get rid of the magazine like I ordinarily would on an AR. My index finger is just not lengthy sufficient. Nevertheless, there are aftermarket selections to alleviate this challenge. A left-handed mag release really functions pretty properly. Just attain up with your left hand to grab the magazine and use your left thumb to press the magazine release.

Fightlite SCR

Mag adjustments on the SCR may well take a small acquiring employed to, but are not so various that it will trigger a huge challenge.

FightLite added some intriguing characteristics into their SCR. As a “just in case” situation and organizing for the future, the bolt release/catch is removable.

Fightlite SCR

The Bolt catch is really dovetailed into the reduced receiver and is a self-contained unit.

Fightlite SCR

This was an intriguing accessory that they make. It replaces the forward help button and replaces it with a QD sling cup. I am not positive about the use and ergonomics of putting a sling right here. I suppose if you have been a left-handed shooter it could perform properly for a single point sling, but as a correct-handed shooter, this does not look like a excellent location to mount your sling.

Fightlite SCR

A different smaller challenge I had was racking the charging deal with whilst holding the SCR grip. My thumb knuckle was in the way of the charging deal with and it bit me as a pulled with authority. This is merely a mastering curve and one thing I will stay away from if I get an SCR.

The SCR is 50 state legal. For Californians it is classified as a featureless rifle so you can nevertheless have a removable magazine and not have to have to register the gun. It blends a standard style rifle with the modularity of an AR-15. It functions wonderful as a coaching rifle for these who are extra familiar with a standard bolt gun. There is much less recoil and you can transform calibers comparatively conveniently. The reduced and bolt retail for $599 and a full fundamental rifle is about $1132.

For extra facts verify out their web page.

Fightlite SCR

Fightlite SCR in a photo from the Fightlite Instagram account (unknown photo credit).


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