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Self Defense

Syntech Defense is obtainable for well-known handgun loads like the 9mm, .40 S&ampW and .45 ACP. (Photo: Federal)

Federal caters to the self-defense industry with a new line of defense ammunition, Syntech Defense, tailored to handgun shooters.

Accessible in 9mm, .40 S&ampW and .45 ACP, Syntech Defense presents a hollow-point bullet that splits into 3 segments and “a deep-penetrating core on influence.”

The core penetrates 12 to 18 inches by means of bare ballistics gel and heavy clothing—a crucial benchmark in self-defense conditions and the ideal terminal overall performance of any round in its class,” Federal stated in a news release. The segments make 3 secondary wound channels, every a lot more than six inches deep, adding to the terminal impact.”

Self Defense

The ammunition breaks into pieces with a penetrating core to present the most penetration, according to the corporation. (Photo: Federal)

The Syntech Defense load follows in the footsteps of other Syntech ammunition, employing a polymer jacket that reduces lead and copper fouling although also minimizing heat and friction inside the barrel — eventually, defending the handgun’s barrel. Federal tops the design and style off with its Catalyst primer, delivering a hot but dependable ignition all without the need of the will need of lead.

The Syntech Defense ammunition is obtainable now with 138-grain 9mm retailing for $19.95, 175-grain .40 S&ampW priced at $22.95 and 205-grain .45 ACP coming in at $24.95. Ammo ships in boxes of 20.

Self Defense

Syntech Defense is obtainable now for self-defense enthusiasts. (Photo: Federal)


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