Williams and Betzold Almost Sweep Games Events at 2019 National Rifle Matches


By Ashley Brugnone, CMP Writer

CAMP PERRY, Ohio – Victor Betzold, 64, of Bel Air, MD, and Brian Williams, 45, of Granby, MA, have been almost unparalleled throughout the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) Rifle Games Matches – collectively overtaking seven of the 10 difficult events on the schedule.

Betzold and Williams have been sharing the firing line as properly as the major of the benefits list for many years now. The two are regulars at CMP vintage rifle matches and have produced themselves recognized as each seasoned competitors and sought-immediately after opponents.

Brian Williams has been unbeaten in the 4-Gun Aggregate competitors.

“There’s generally 3 or 4 guys, and it is the exact same 3 or 4 guys that we chase,” mentioned Williams. “It’s a great time. You turn out to be fairly great good friends with these guys. I chased Victor for a extended time – we’ve developed a great partnership.”

Betzold returns the feelings for Williams as a competitor, saying, “Oh, what a challenge. He’s just a phenomenal standing shot, and that is actually exactly where the games are won and lost – in standing. Any time I can challenge Brian, that is a actual significant deal.”

Victor Betzold led the Carbine, Vintage Military and Contemporary Military events.

Williams, sticking close to Betzold, led in the John C. Garand Match with a score of 291-9x, along with overtaking the three- and four-Gun Aggregates throughout the 2019 National Matches. Williams has established himself a talented marksman with the vintage rifles, getting gone unbeaten in the four-Gun Aggregate (winning every single year the competitors has been in existence).

Williams was also a member of teams that won general with a Garand in the National Trophy Group and National Trophy Infantry Group events.

“My aim for the final 3 years has generally been the four-Gun Aggregate, so in order to do that you have got to do properly in a couple of diverse issues. That is generally the concentrate,” Williams mentioned. “This year, I just got fortunate. I got fortunate with the Garand and ended up scoring a small greater than everyone else. But, it is maintaining these higher scores across the entire week – a single or two shots can take you out of it. It is tough.”

Betzold, a multi-time previous winner of the three-Gun Aggregate and generally on Williams’s heels throughout Games events, was the general winner of M1 Carbine (377-15x, only beating Williams in x-count), Contemporary Military (by a single “x,” with a score of 293-12x) and the Vintage Military matches (292-12x, two points above Williams, who at present held the National Record in the occasion).                           

Betzold stayed humble about surpassing Williams in a handful of events, remarking on his win margins by smiling and saying, “Ehhh, not by considerably.”

Williams and Betzold teamed up to win the Semi-Auto class in the Vintage Sniper Match.

Ultimately, Williams and Betzold paired up throughout the Matches in the Service Rifle Hearst Doubles occasion and developed a super group for the Vintage Sniper occasion. The duo earned the general win in the Semi-Auto class with a score of 382-9x – Williams employing a 1903 and Betzold a 1941 Springfield.

“We take pleasure in every single other’s corporation,” Betzold mentioned, warmly.

Glendale Rutherford (left) and Doug Armstrong (correct) led the Manual class in the Sniper occasion.

Also employing a 1941 Springfield was Glendale Rutherford, 67, of Tallapoosa, GA, who was the Higher Person in the Sniper Match – cleaning each slow-fire prone stages with a combined score of 200-6x. Rutherford and his teammate, Doug Armstrong, 59, of Lexington, NC, topped the Manual class with a score of 395-15x. The males have won the occasion several occasions collectively in the previous and at present hold the Vintage Sniper National Record (398-23x) that they set back in 2014, which they had previously set prior to in 2012.

Armstrong was also the winner of the Roosevelt Commemorative Match, with a score of 289-4x.

Keith Schachle, 61, of Brooks, GA, was the general competitor of the Springfield Match, with a score of 293-6x, just a single point above Brian Williams. Schachle was also the Higher Senior of the Contemporary Military Match and the Vintage Military occasion.

Junior Meghann Beaver received a lot of honors, like Higher Lady of the Contemporary Military occasion.

Other individuals earning “High” honors have been Meghann Beaver, 20, of Indianapolis, IN, who nabbed the Higher Lady title in the Contemporary Military Match, along with Higher Junior titles in the Springfield and Roosevelt Commemorative matches. Her brother, Andrew, 17, was the Higher Junior of the Contemporary Military Match.

Thomas McGowan was the Higher Junior of the Vintage Military, Garand and M1A matches.

Thomas McGowan, 14, of Hortonville, WI, coming off of successes in the Trophy Rifle Matches, was the Higher Junior of the Vintage Military, Garand and Springfield M1A events.

A lot more honorable mentions consist of:


Higher Junior: Connor Stout, 17, of Waterford, MI

Higher Lady: Cindy Bailey, 47, of North Ridgeville, OH

Higher Senior: Daniel Fiora, 65, of Charleston, WV

Higher Grand Senior: Danny Jackson, 71, of Oakland, MD


Roosevelt Commemorative Match:

Higher Senior: John Triol, 62, of Jeffersonville, PA



Higher Lady: Cindy Dunfee, 41, of Oak Harbor, OH

Higher Senior: Jerry Hixenbaugh, 59, of Massillon, OH

Higher Grand Senior: Raymond Diaz, 72, of Austin, TX



Higher Lady: Kerri Lewis, 43, of Middletown, RI

Higher Senior: Harold Mauck. 66, of Hutchinson, KS

Higher Grand Senior: Robert McKenzie, 70, of Vineland, NJ


Vintage Military:

Higher Lady: CPT Jennifer Creasy, 40, of Montgomery, AL

Higher Grand Senior: Robert McKenzie


SSgt Stephen Ferguson was the General and Higher Service Member in the Springfield M1A Match.

Springfield M1A Benefits:

General, Higher Service Member: SSgt Stephen Ferguson, 37, of Stafford, VA, score of 873-29x

Higher Civilian: Daniel Duitsman, 44, of Fredericksburg, VA

Higher Lady: Hanne Brantner, 49, of Waynesboro, PA

Higher Senior: William Walter, 61, of Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Higher Grand Senior: Danny Gray, 70, of Manassas, VA

For a comprehensive list of benefits of the National Trophy Rifle events, pay a visit to the CMP Competitors Tracker web page at https://ct.thecmp.org/app/v1/index.php?do=match&amptask=edit&ampmatch=18060&amptab=benefits.

Photographs of the events can be identified on the CMP’s Zenfolio web page: https://cmp1.zenfolio.com/f1003134809.

About the National Matches:

The annual occasion, held at the Camp Perry National Guard Instruction Base because 1907, is a 4-week extended mix of original CMP matches along with regular pistol, smallbore, highpower rifle and extended variety rifle competitions and clinics. Off the firing line, Industrial Row functions dozens of vendors suited to an assortment of marksmanship material desires. No matter whether competing for the initially time, a seasoned athlete or merely coming to see what’s taking place, the National Matches has some thing for absolutely everyone.

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