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Born to be Wild

Ospreys and moose and bald eagles, oh my!

By Paige Chvilicek

Chelan County PUD Summer season Intern


I have lived in the valley my whole life, seeing deer, ducks and geese usually. Having said that, there is some awesome wildlife in Chelan County that you and I may well have by no means observed.

Chelan PUD Wildlife Biologist Kelly Cordell known as in from the field and shared some facts about neighborhood wildlife that shows what a wild kingdom we have right here.

“We are blessed to reside in an region that is chock-complete of wildlife,” Cordell stated. “In all 4 seasons, if you place adequate time in at acquiring outdoors, you would be shocked at how a lot wildlife you are capable to see.”

Get a birds-eye view

For instance, did you know there are a lot of osprey the PUD monitors by means of the season? From the river, you can see – and hear – adult osprey calling to teach other, hunting, and teaching the young how to survive. There are about 100 territories monitored by Chelan PUD biologists, and more than 30 platforms offered for osprey to safely nest.


Moose on the loose

Moose have major house ranges, and the population is increasing in Washington state. Try to remember when a moose took a promenade thorough Wenatchee in mid-August 2019? Cordell stated we’ll continue to see much more moose as they move by means of this fall.

Having said that, moose can be incredibly aggressive so preserve your distance and watch from far away. Let them move by means of the region with out bothering them, for the reason that they can be hazardous.


Appear for tracks

You also can see raccoons and skunks out-and-about year round, and if you do not see them straight, a lot of the time if you are close to the shoreline you can appear down and see their tracks.

Bald eagles and golden eagles are about right here also! You can see bald eagles along the PUD reservoirs and golden eagles up along the cliffs. They are tougher to spot so you have to concentrate.


The hills are alive
Bighorn sheep also are on the move. You can even see them in the hills above the Rocky Attain Discovery Center and along the highway on the way to Chelan. Throughout breeding season in the fall, they can be observed butting heads so please preserve a secure distance.


Wildlife Dos and Don’ts


  • Observe from a distance.
  • Give ducks, geese, and gulls a favor and make them operate difficult for their meals.
  • Go out early in the day to view wildlife.
  • Respect the animal’s space.
  • Bring a great pair of binoculars when it comes to spying wildlife from the river.

Do not:

  • Feed ducks, geese, and gulls in the park.
  • Use drones to spot wildlife.
  • Rev boat motors and make a lot of waves or noise when attempting to view wildlife from the Columbia River or Lake Chelan.
  • Disturb the animal’s organic habitat.
  • Count on to see a lot wildlife on noisy components of the river. They like it quiet with much less boat visitors.
  • Be scared of wildlife. If you really feel you are in danger, promptly back off and leave.
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