Gwilym Starks’ Outside Adventure Weblog: Boiling in Belarus


An early start out this morning got me to the Latvia/Belarus border at 7.28am. It was practically all going nicely as only one particular automobile ahead of me in the queue and then when they checked my paperwork, they noticed I did not have an MOT certificate (I a impressed they even knew what one particular was as they stated they had about 1 or two British folks by way of a month) Anyway, I never have a certificate simply because the bike is not old sufficient. The supervisor came more than and disappeard with my documents. At eight.19am I was let out of Latvia. The MOT certificate challenge seemed to have gone away.

Then is was the Belarussian border. I had to temporarily import my bike (lots of paperwork), have it searched by two folks, get my visa all stamped up and purchase some insurance coverage. Now, it was from a genuine lady, in a booth with the words “Insurance coverage” in numerous languages above it. But at only two euro for 15 days cover I left asking yourself of what worth it truly was.

At 9.23 I left the border and headed into Belarus. There was a forecast of thunderstorms north of Minsk so it was off south as rapid as I could down what was all the P3 and then M3 (M does not imply motorway just a toll road – cost-free for bikes). Fascinating road configuration as was single carriageway one particular minute and then two or even three lanes the subsequent. A speed limit of 120kph and nonetheless zebra crossings and website traffic could turn left across the carriageway. I can not say that I relaxed a great deal.

Anyway the rain and thunder under no circumstances came (or not close to me) and it just got incredibly warm incredibly immediately. The indicators stated 30 degree air and for some explanation they gave the temperature of the tarmac at 41 degrees.

There have been far fewer soviet cars than I was expecting and it is primarily all German or French vehicles but I did see a handful of of the classic Lada 4×4 but none that I could get a photo of with my bike

Generally I discover a nation by turning of the trunk roads but none of the road indicators make any sense. The words never match my GPS but somehow following more than 600km I created it right here to my hotel which is just outdoors the no go zone from Chernobyl. Most folks feel of The Ukraine as the worst hit but the wind took most of it into Belarus.

To make up for not truly exploring on route, I picked a cafe 3km away from exactly where I am staying and walked by way of the town exploring on my way. On arrival of course the menu was in Russian (not Belarussian as I identified out). The letter are all upside down and back to front and random numbers everywhere.

For instance I am in Mazyr or Мазы́р

Nonetheless, applying Google Translate I worked out what Burger and Fries was and then matched the random shapes to the menu Бургер и картофель фри

I did chicken out of saying it even though and went for the attempted and tested system of point and smile.

Good and relaxed now in the hotel preparing for possibly the trickiest border of Belarus into the Ukraine. This is essential as I only have a single entry visa to Belarus so if I can not get into The Ukraine, I can not return and will be stuck in 400m of no mans land for the rest of my life!


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