Hardwire Bulletproof Backpack Insert Critique


top_logoHardwire Armor Options has created 1 of the coolest most economical pieces of ballistic protection on the industry now!  I not too long ago had the chance to overview the Ballistic clipboard as properly as the ballistic backpack insert and I was completely impressed!  I give these items a 10 out of 10 stars!

insert2-2The backpack insert is excellent for young children or adults who carry a backpack back and forth to college or operate.  The Hardwire backpack insert provides NIJ Level IIIA protection (All Pistols up to .44 Mag + all shotgun rounds!). Click right here to study far more about NIJ levels of protection.   It only weighs about 1 pound and is as thin and unobtrusive as a common magazine.  Click The Video Beneath to see a tabletop overview of the Hardwire Ballistic Clipboard and Backpack insert.



Hardwire Ballistic Clip Board Torture Test and Field Critique


The Hardwire Ballistic Clipboard and backpack Insert can withstand far more of a beating that you may possibly believe!   To be truthful I was totally shocked at how properly these items withstood numerous rounds of critical abuse!  Prior to testing I believed they may possibly be capable to absorb 10 or 12 rounds of 9mm and perhaps a round or two from a 12 gauge with buckshot.  Boy was I incorrect!  Check out the video beneath to see the Hardwire Ballistic Clipboard place by means of the wringer at the firing variety!


How To Use The Hardwire Ballistic Clipboard &amp Backpack Inserts

Sadly being aware of when and exactly where we may possibly need to have ballistic protection like the stuff reviewed right here from Hardwire LLC is not possible to predict. So it is vitally essential to be capable to simply incorporate this sort of protection into the gear that you generally carry with you or have close to you in your every day life.  If you select to include things like this item into your every day carry gear all you will need to have to do to use it is place the backpack on backwards covering your chest if you are facing the threat.  Or if you are operating away and you know the shooter is behind you just sling it more than your back and it will be in spot to guard your most crucial organs.  When placed more than your chest in a generally style backpack this will nonetheless let you to have 1 or two hands totally free to be capable to use your pistol or other self defense tools like pepper spray or mace.

Exactly where Can You Acquire A Hardwire LLC Ballistic Clipboard Or Backpack Insert?

To choose up an outstanding piece of ballistic protection for oneself or your loved ones just got to http://www.HardWireLLC.Com and till 31 Dec 2013 be confident to use the discount code “JJ4RS” at checkout to get 20% off your complete order!

How would you incorporate these Hardwire ballistic protection items into your gear? Let me know in the comments beneath!

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