August 29th, 2019

Hunting Prairie Dogs in South Dakota — Varminting Video

South Dakota Varmint Hunting Safari

South Dakota Varmint Hunting SafariNever ever had a opportunity to hunt prairie dogs in the American west? Then verify out this video. Dan Eigen, host of the We Really like It Outdoors Tv series, ventured to South Dakota for some varmint hunting. Dan teamed up with Varmint Hunter Association President Jeff Rheborg to patrol some South Dakota Dogtowns exactly where points get severe. In the video, you will see p-dog hits at distances from 70 yards to roughly 450 yards. The hunters have been shooting from transportable, wood-topped swivel rests, employing AR-platform rifles on X-sort sandbag rest. (Rifle zeroing session is shown at the five:30+ mark.)

Numerous cameras have been employed so you can see each the shooter’s POV and close-ups of the prairie dogs downrange. Watch the shooters getting entertaining with a prairie dog reduce-out and some Tannerite at the 9:00-minute mark. This guys are getting a grand old time sending critters to Prairie Dog Heaven — we believe you will delight in the video.

Prairie Dog Hunting Begins at two:20 Time-Mark in Video:

South Dakota Varmint Hunting Safari

South Dakota Varmint Hunting Safari

NOTE: This video in fact covers 3 sequences: 1) 3-gun coaching two) Prairie Dog Hunting and three) Coyote Hunting. The Prairie Dog segment runs from two:20 to 15:15. If you want, you can slide the controls forward or back to watch the other segments.

Video located by EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.

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