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“Turning Point USA” had a meeting at my university and invited North Carolina candidate for Governor Holly Grange to speak. At the finish she took some queries and I asked her verbatim “what is your opinion on private ownership of machineguns, true machineguns like the ones you utilised in the military?” She seemed to be caught slightly off guard and gave the most lackluster softball answer I have ever heard from a politician. She began off by lightheartedly clarifying that it really is illegal to personal machineguns, just like you can not personal rocket launchers or tanks or howitzers or Bangalore torpedoes (all incorrect of course but everybody was chuckling as well loud for me to right her), then she expressed how she’s pro gun but she did not realize why anybody would want a machinegun and she kinda trailed off mumbling about how they need to possibly just keep in the hands of the military and they are not that helpful lead to they jam a lot simply because the chamber or casings or anything. She also created a motion like sticking a cleaning rod down a barrel.

For what it really is worth even though the subsequent individual asked her “In Europe silencers are as straightforward to invest in as vehicles. Ought to they be regulated right here?” And she stated no and she believed it was dumb that her husband had to get a permit to invest in a suppressor. She also stated her preferred gun is her ivory-gripped 1911.

All round the practical experience just reinforced my belief that politicians are slaves to the overton window, the culture war is extremely vital, and mainstream conservatism is just restrained leftism. Specifically due to the fact she stated all this even though standing in front of one particular of these tacky posters,

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