The gohammergo cookset gaw WINNER Selected!


So, as promised, right here is my cookset gaw extravaganza! :)

As I talked about in this thread, I received a cookset that I truly like. And due to the fact I have loads of other cooking stuff, I am going to give away a bunch.

Some of this will be utilised stuff, some will be new. I will add things as time goes by. There will be cooking pots. Consuming tools. At least one particular piece of cast iron. Some spices. One thing to consume. Possibly a way to start off a fire as well. A person is going to be set up fairly effectively for cooking. And I will advantage from clearing out a bunch of stuff I am not employing. And I will have area to gather a lot more stuff, lead to you all know that is how it goes. :)

Right here is the start off. I have cooked numerous meals in this. It is a great kit, but I have not utilised it in as well extended.


I am going to let this run for a couple of weeks to get as several people involved as attainable, so really feel absolutely free to tag members you know who could use some cooking gear. Just say you are in. Post some meals pics if you have them. Or pics of something.

Prepared, set, go!



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