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MONSTER MULEYS.COM From the Archives – It all began in late July when I decided to start out scouting about my dwelling in northern Arizona. I was seeing a excellent quantity of bucks, lots of modest ones, but some actual good ones as well. I felt confident that this was going to be a incredibly very good archery season. 

Possessing harvested many other animals with my bow, I truly wanted to tag a trophy mule deer in the velvet, and I was determined to do so. I ready myself in all probable approaches pre-season scouting, checking my hunting gear to make confident it was in best shape, and so forth. 

Effectively it lastly arrived! The opening day of archery deer season. Since of perform, I was capable to hunt for only a couple hours in the morning and evening. I employed what time I had attempting to discover a very good buck to hunt on the weekend, when I’d have a lot more time. 

I was unsuccessful on opening day, but my hunting companion harvested a good 22″ 4 point! It was a excellent way to start out the season. The subsequent morning, I went into the very same location and identified that it was more than run with people today, but decided to stick out the weekend, and was once again unsuccessful. I had incredibly small time the following week to hunt, but was capable to match in a couple of evening trips to checkout some new places. 

The second weekend, I decided to attempt a preferred spot of mine that ordinarily holds some good bucks and exactly where I had observed some excellent bucks although scouting. It was Labor Day weekend, but the location receives incredibly small hunting stress, so I figured it would be a very good bet. On my way out on Friday evening, I spotted a toad of a buck, I figured he would score nicely in the 190’s. I spent the weekend looking for that buck, but by no means saw him once again. [Read More]


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