Your Hump Day Reading List for August 28, 2019


Hump Day Reading List

Welcome to your Hump Day Reading List! 

This is your refuge from the impersonal Google and FaceBook algorithms that look to run our lives these days. Alternatively of a machine deciding what you will see, I personally go out and appear for wonderful articles that in fact have worth in the quest for higher private and family members security.

From all of the articles that I obtain, I weed out the “fake news” and these that do not have direct application to some aspect of preparedness. Then, to fight the developing scourge of info overload, I distill anything down to what I think to be the 3 most valuable articles you can study ideal now, clarify the context of these articles, and recognize any bias so you can trust what you study. 

It is a additional private, additional targeted, and additional effective way to get the info you will need!

Here’s what I’ve identified for you this week:

This week in Defensive Instruction and Gear:

Fiber optic sights: yay or nay?

Like the author of this short article, I’m not a fan of fiber optic sights. In addition to the points he brings up, I’ve identified that for some customers they have a tendency to “bloom” in sunlight that is, the sight seems to have a halo about it, generating it seem bigger — but in contrast to a bigger sight, it is fuzzy and really hard to align. This appears to take place additional often to men and women wearing prescription glasses, especially if they contain a correction for astigmatism.

My other complaint has to do with these fiber optics that have a huge domed face (as shown in lead image, above.) They endure from the exact same challenge that domed gold beads do: when the sun is at a certain angle, the reflection from the surface tends to make the center of the sight seem slightly off, causing the shooter to align the sights on the reflection. The causes the shots to hit to the opposite path. 

I see this continually when I teach in sunny Arizona when the sun gets to a specific point, abruptly the men and women with these sights begin throwing their shots. It requires some awareness and adjustment on the aspect of the shooter to compensate.

Of course I’m not one particular to dictate anyone’s selections, but if you opt for these sights you will need to be conscious of their concerns and be ready to deal with them appropriately. I do so by not getting them on my guns!

This week in Individual Security and Safety:

You do not have a visible halo

This is an fascinating short article about “friendly fire”: becoming shot by the superior guys, the men and women who are in fact on your side. It utilizes the case of a congregant at a church service in Amarillo who disarms an attacker who’d burst into the sanctuary, only to be himself shot by responding police officers.

Study the short article for the particulars about the story, but it is definitely no wonder why he got shot. He was holding a gun (the attacker’s, which the superior guy had taken) when the police entered, and went so far as to say “Hey, hey, I got the gun”. What the officers saw was a person undertaking a convincing imitation of an active shooter, and they responded appropriately.

These sorts of incidents take place additional often than you could suspect. Plainclothes and off-duty police, in distinct, have been shot by responding officers who didn’t know them and couldn’t quickly discern their part.

It comes down to the persistent notion that men and women should really be capable to inform us from the terrible guy. Soon after all, on Television and in the motion pictures it is nearly usually really clear who the terrible guys and superior guys are! That impacts how we see ourselves, as none of us thinks we appear like a criminal. Even so, as Massad Ayoob is fond of saying, no one particular else can see your halo. You will have to figure out how the other superior guys coming to the rescue will see you, and act accordingly.

This is an eye-opening short article that everybody should really study.

This week in Preparedness and Overall health:

Is a 72-hour kit definitely adequate? Possibly not.

The 72-hour (or three-day, if you favor) kit has been the “standard” recommendation for a extended time. Becoming capable to survive for 3 days, the logic goes, should really allow you to get to a point of either resupply or rescue response. 

This short article, even though, suggests that these kits are definitely inadequate for something other than really smaller incidents. The author’s suggestion is to as an alternative program for 14 days (two weeks), which is a additional realistic timeframe.

I’m inclined to agree with this. The two key incidents I’ve knowledgeable each lasted longer than the standard three-day kit. When I was in Search And Rescue (SAR), we had numerous incidents which ran longer than that — one particular was almost 10 days.

Study the short article and realize the author’s reasoning, then take into consideration expanding your three-day kits.

– Grant Cunningham

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