90 Degree Spine: Who Requires It?


DO YOU Truly Require A 90 DEGREE SPINE?

All I’ve ever heard is that you have to have a 90 degree spine on you knife to strike a ferro rod. But, what if you acquire a knife without having a sharp spine? Or one particular that has a soft spine and will not hold an edge? Will I be capable to start out a fire?!? You could use the useless striker that come with most ferro rods, or carry a piece of a hacksaw blade, but these can quickly be lost. Under no circumstances worry, there are other strategies to get a spark.There is a way to usually have the capability to get a spark and it does not expense you something.

Regardless of whether it be a woodland or an urban atmosphere, there is garbage everywhere. I can not recall the final time I was out hiking and didn’t come across at least one particular pile of beer cans or bottles. Fortunately glass is one particular of the very best strikers you can use. As extended as there is an edge it will throw sparks.


The Secret Of The Ferro Rod - Who Needs A 90 Degree Spine?
Striking a ferro rod with a piece of glass

Yet another option to get sparks is utilizing a rock. A rock with a fine edge will strike a rod no issue. The examples of rocks I use have been a piece of chert and rock I discovered in the woods.


The Secret Of The Ferro Rod - Who Needs A 90 Degree Spine?
Piece of Chert throws sparks

Not obtaining a 90 degree spine is not death of fire by ferro rod. Appear about at the sources in your location. Glass, rocks, and sharp pieces of metal are all about you. So get out, practice, and love the woods.



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