FRIDAY Evening LIGHTS: Holosun LS321G


For these who like to shoot in the dark with evening vision, usually it is a lot easier to aim with a laser than attempt to appear by way of your optic whilst wearing NODs on your face. Most evening vision customers have a tendency to go to Steiner for their DBAL or L3 for their ATPIAL/PEQ15. Whilst these two are the business regular, apart from the BE Meyers MAWL-C1+, there are other alternatives for a Multi-Function Aiming Laser (MFAL) like the Holosun LS321G.

What Is An MFAL?

L = Low Energy H = Higher Energy


An MFAL is a Multi-Function Aiming Laser like a DBAL or ATPIAL. They have many functions. Generally an aiming laser is just a single or dual laser method like the Steiner CQBL. What tends to make them multi-function is adding an illuminator. If you recall the Wilcox Raptar Lite ES is the penultimate MFAL given that it has all 4 illumination alternatives VIS laser, VIS illuminator, IR laser, IR illuminator. Not all MFALs have a visible illuminator like the Holosun LS321G. But it does have a VIS green laser, infrared laser designator/pointer, infrared laser illuminator.

Seeking at the photo above, the selector switch has two energy settings. If you turn the switch to the left from OFF you access the low energy laser. VL – Visible laser Low. IRL = Infrared laser Low. Turn the switch to the suitable and you access the H settings for higher energy laser. VH and IRH are the greater powered settings for the respective visible and infrared laser designator/pointers. IL is to access the infrared laser illuminator. And the final setting is for IRH and IL simultaneously on.

Close up of the Holosun LS321G

You can see the 3 components. The bigger circle is for the IR illuminator. The circle on the left is for the IR laser designator and the circle subsequent to it is for the green visible laser.

At the back of the Holosun LS321G, there is a knob. This is to transform the diameter of the IR illuminator. Subsequent to the illuminator knob is a copper-plated port for a remote tape switch. The LS321G comes with Holosun’s regular tape switch which is equivalent to a Steiner/ATPIAL plug.

The LS321G is compatible with the SureFire SD-D-IT dual tape switch.

Just beneath and to the suitable is the locking latch to mount the LS321G.

Push the button at the rear forward and it unlocks the latch so you can open it out and take away the laser.

The IR and VIS lasers are co-aligned so adjusting a single will adjust the other.

I employed to have an older Holosun laser that was a green and IR laser. It did not have the IR illuminator functions but it did have a quick Picatinny rail on the left side. The new LS321G no longer has this Picatinny rail.


Shooting With The LS321G

The height of the LS321G is rather tall. It entirely blocks the irons on my 416 but even the SU-231 EOTech is also higher for these irons anyway.

If I take away the Eotech HWS, the LS321G nonetheless blocks the 416 irons.

When mounted behind actual AR BUIS like these MBUS PRO sights, the LS321G is low sufficient you can nonetheless see the front sight post.

If you do not want to use the tape switch, the LS321G has an activation button at the best the laser housing.

The activation button is for momentary activation but if you speedily double tap it, the laser will switch to continual on.

Even with a narrow slim handguard like this Midwest Industries combat rail.

How does the actual laser appear? As a laser pointer, the LS321G performs fantastic. But as an IR laser illuminator, it lacks luster. See the video beneath.

Sadly other than the MAWL-C1+, all civilian rated MFAL have terrible IR laser illuminators that are borderline practically useless. The Holosun LS321G joins this group, however. You are improved off with just a plain IR/VIS laser and compensate with a fantastic IR LED light. Like the Modlite head I employed in the video.

So Is This Laser Hot or Lukewarm?

As a laser pointer/designator, it is just as fantastic as any laser. The green VIS laser is rather vibrant. Vibrant sufficient that you can see it in daylight with the suitable lighting circumstances. As I talked about earlier this laser has two energy settings Low and Higher. Due to the fact this is not a complete energy laser possessing a reduced energy mode appears useless. Non-Civilian rated lasers typically have energy settings to differentiate from non-eye-protected complete energy and eye-protected low energy. That way you can practice with the reduced energy setting and not threat burning out your retinas. I can overlook the dual energy settings as this may perhaps be a carryover from their complete energy LE/MIL version of the LS321G but the IR illuminator is fundamentally useless.

If you are in a entirely dark atmosphere then it could be of use. But as you saw in the video above, the IR illuminator had difficulty illuminating dark shadows across the street. The US Evening Vision Triad is the identical laser with various branding. The IR illuminator is weak and not pretty fantastic compared to other alternatives like a fantastic IR weapon light.

The other key element that hurts the LS321G is the cost. MSRP is rather higher at $941.16 on Holosun’s web page.  A slightly much more affordable street cost of $799.99 can be discovered on  The cost of the LS321G is less costly than your regular DBAL-A3 or ATPIAL-C which are about $1,200 for equivalent overall performance. Having said that, this is nonetheless very highly-priced for lackluster overall performance for an IR illuminator. You would be improved off purchasing Holosun’s standalone LS221G laser which is a equivalent laser as the LS321G just no IR illuminator. You can get a single for about $550. Then devote the dollars you saved on a decent IR weapon light. If you want to save much more dollars then take a appear at the LS117IR which can be purchased for below $300. Just know that the LS117IR is only an IR laser. There is no visible slaved laser to enable zero it.

For much more data on Holosun lasers, take a appear at their web page.

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