From Farm to Fridge: What Brits assume about shopping for locally grown create


Do you know exactly where your meals comes from? How far has it
travelled? And at what price? It is a properly-recognized truth that several of the foods we
hold in our residences are grown, developed or reared overseas and then transported
to the UK for us to consume, resulting in a direct effect on the atmosphere.

There are so several points we can do to enable guard the atmosphere. Be it huge or little, just about every transform counts and creating extra conscious choices relating to the meals we consume is a good location to start off.

No matter if this is cutting down our meat and dairy consumption, shopping for from nearby producers or only consuming foods when they are in season, altering the way we consume and the way we acquire our meals can only be a optimistic factor.

On the web retailer not too long ago commissioned a survey as component of their Farm to Fridge project to come across out what the UK believed about shopping for locally grown create and the outcomes are fairly exciting.

Verify out the infographic beneath to come across out what the UK is carrying out to be eco friendlier and how they really feel about purchasing nearby!

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