Nebraska Lady Arrested Immediately after Plugging Fleeing Shoplifter


FOX News reports a Nebraska lady with a CCW was arrested just after shooting a fleeing sh shoplifter. after-shooting-fleeing-shoplifting-suspect

Thought of as a matter of Judeo-Christian ethics, the charge is contrary to Holy Writ, which tells the observant that “If 1 comes to rob, kill, or despoil yoou, take up your sword and slay him.””

Thought of as a matter of law, the arrest sends a message to the criminal underworld that aanyone who harms 1 of the light-fingered gentry will be dealt with harshly.

Guarding the evildoeeeers at the expense of the law abiding has not, in the five,000 years or so history runs. As a sensible matter, all that does is encourage just about every far more violent criminal activity.

Bottom line? A person created a mmajor screw up. It is time to see what the lady victim will take for her shocccking therapy at the hands of the law, and payy her. Just before the lady delivers the screw-ups employer to the courts, and gets a settlement several instances the size of the 1 she is owed now.


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