Newfoundland Moose: Gear Guide and Checklist


In about a month I will be creating my initial trip to “The Rock” to chase the Eastern Canadian species of Moose!  Now, traveling to the most Northeastern aspect of North America sounds wonderful but there is also a particular anxiousness level beginning to nicely up inside me and not being aware of what and what not to bring.  I will do a complete post trip recap on the hunt itself and what articles of gear I touched each day and what never ever produced it out of my suitcase.  If you are like me, you like to attempt and bring anything in the hunting closet but when traveling this far to hunt we all know that is not generally plausible.

While I have never ever been to Newfoundland, I have been on sufficient location hunts and completed sufficient study to be unsafe and under is the bare bones minimum of what is going to be necessary on this trip.  After you have these in location you can fill in all of the remaining pack space with the “Nice to haves” considering the fact that you currently have all of the “Need to haves”

 Savage 110 Higher Nation chambered in 300 Win Mag

I have employed this rifle very extensively this year each at a extended-variety precision shooting course and on a mid-summer time Texas hunt for Axis deer and Aoudad.  This gun characteristics the Savage AccuFit program which permitted me to customize the length-of-pull and comb height to give me a really custom rifle really feel.  This, along with the adjustable AccuTrigger provides the rifle some quite wonderful customizability from an out of the box rifle.  Not to mention this distinct rifle holds sub MOA groups with factory Federal Ammo very regularly.  This is a direct outcome of the wonderful building from Savage but also from the instruction I got for Rob at the precision shooting course earlier this year, thanks Rob!  This gun is chambered in 300 Win Mag which will be lots of gun to take down a moose each at close and extended variety if needed.


Savage 110 High Country
Savage 110 Higher Nation


Scope-Vortex Viper HS four-16 x44

I will be employing the four-16 Viper with the BDC reticle in Newfoundland.  This distinct scope provides me the capacity to dial down to 4x zoom really should I be fortunate to get in close sufficient but I have also rang a 12” steel plate at 1,000 yards when dialed up to 16x with this identical set up.  To me, this has the fantastic variety of magnification to cover any and all shot that I will really feel comfy in taking though I am there.

110 high country 1
Vortex Scope on a 110 Higher Nation

Binos- Vortex Razor HD 10×42

I have Often carried 10x42s, it is just my preferred bino and what I really feel most comfy getting in my chest rig.  These Razors are new to me and I will give you a complete recap on how I liked them on a post hunt adhere to up but initially they appear great and worked completely in each Utah and Texas.  I intend to give them a complete and suitable perform out in Newfoundland attempting to glass up “the a single.”

110 high country 11
Vortex Razor HD 10×42


Rangefinder- Vortex Razor HD 4000

Thinking about that I could potentially have a shot ranging from 10 yards to 400 yards plus I wanted to make positive I had a rangefinder that would enable me lots of flexibility.  In standard mode you can variety a deer (or moose) accurately at up to 1,600 yards.  Far additional than I would essentially take a shot but nonetheless its superior to know I will have these capabilities.  A single of the characteristics I adore in this model is the HCD Corrected Shoot-To Variety.  The Razor HD 4000 makes use of HCD (Horizontal Element Distance) angle-compensated ranging technologies to give bow and rifle shooters the crucial distance information necessary to make correct shots.  What this implies in laymen’s terms is what essentially may be a 500-yard line of sight to a target may perhaps be a unique “hold” primarily based on angles.  With this technologies it will spit out the right information, so you know what dope to use on your rifle and scope combo.

110 high country 12
RAZOR&#x2122 HD 4000


Boots-LaCrosse Aerohead Sports

A single factor you can be particular of in Newfoundland is at some point you are going to stroll via a swamp or a bog and when you do you want your feet to stay higher and dry.  I have been employing the Aeroheads for the previous year or so and definitely adore them!  As opposed to conventional rubber boots with the welded seams (which are nonetheless fine, and I personal a number of pair) the Aeroheads are produced with complete neoprene sock with a polyurethane AeroForm shell boot on the bottom.  This implies no leaky rubber welded seams and tremendous comfort and flexibility when walking at distance.  Ahead of, I would have dreaded walking any quantity of distance in a higher knew “rubber” boot.  I can stroll all day in these boots and at no point will I have to be concerned about warmth or discomfort.


110 high country 24
AeroHead Sport

Rain Gear-Sitka Cloudburst Jacket and Pants

Substantially like the reality that you are going to stroll via a puddle or two, odds are, it is going to rain at some point and type what I have heard, Newfoundland rain is some how “wetter” than standard rain.  Substantially like Alaska rain exactly where the water just seams to have super powers.  A un imaginable capacity to penetrate the ideal of gear and somehow uncover a way to make you cold, wet and miserable!  I am positive my guide will have the rubberized ODG Green Gordon’s Fisherman rain suit which is undoubtably water proof but also breathes like a garbage bag!  I have had superior luck with the Cloudburst set prior to and I like it packability for these occasions when I may not be wearing it.

Sitka Cloudburst

Pack-Private Preference!

Your pack pretty considerably boils down to you as a hunter and what your everyday requirements are in terms of necessities and comforts.  I personally like to carry a pack that will hold all of my added layers in case it gets cold or warm as nicely as snacks and emergency supplies.  Also, a ought to have for me is the capacity to expand or contract the pack in case there is a want to pack meat.  I at the moment run a Tenzing pack that in its smallest type is appropriate about 2000 cubic inches but can also expand to roughly 4500 cubic inches in the type of added pockets and a game pouch.  It does function a rigid internal frame and waste band which make these heavy loads considerably less difficult to handle.  Once again, this is going to be pretty considerably a personally customized item primarily based on how considerably you like to carry versus what you essentially want to carry.  For some, an empty pack frame is much more than sufficient assuming you have some cargo pockets on your pants.

In my opinion these 5 things/categories are the big issues to verify off initial when going on ANY location hunts!  Following that just fill in the gaps in your duffle with the desires and good to haves.  This involve sin no distinct order dry socks, thermal layers, lodge slippers, hats, gloves, compass, hand warmers, knives, game bags, shooting sticks, jet boil, immediate coffee packets, candy and more…. you can see what I want the expandable pack.

Verify back in as I get closer to the trip and dial in my rifle and chosen ammo in the subsequent short article of this five aspect series that documents the in and outs of my trip to Newfoundland.

For much more info on the Savage 110 Higher Nation you can head to Savage’s site.




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