Newfoundland Moose Hunt- How I ended up landing on “The Rock”


Numerous instances, it appears as even though one’s bucket list continues to develop more quickly than you are capable to verify issues off.  This year I created the selection I was going to verify off one particular of my leading 3 dream trips, a Newfoundland moose hunt!  I have observed a number of in the wild on my trips out west and the allure of harvesting such an animal has grown additional and additional intense more than the years.  I couldn’t take it any longer, this was the year to do it and I had to get down to the brass tacks of figuring out the what, exactly where when, how and who.

There are a number of species of moose that differ in size from the Giant Yukon moose who can weigh upwards of 1,400 pounds with enormous antlers to the smaller sized Shiras and Canadian or Eastern moose who weigh in at the 700-800 pound variety.  Now, naturally the dream is to go following one particular of these Yukon monarchs, but such a trophy comes with a quite substantial price tag tag.  Following a couple of fast world wide web searches, I realized I would be relegated to one particular of the smaller sized sub-species in a additional sensible spending budget variety.  Which is Entirely fine simply because to me, a moose is a moose!

110 High Country 1

My investigation kept coming back to Newfoundland or “The Rock” as they contact it and there have been a number of diverse possibilities based on how rugged or cushy you wanted to make the trip.  You could definitely do the back nation, sleep in a tent, fly in a float plane trip or you could go the route of a good lodge, fine cooked meals, good beds and hot showers.  Yet another promoting point is that Newfoundland boasts the highest moose density in North America, and it is fairly straightforward to come across outfitters that tout 90%+ achievement prices.  In addition to that, these hunts can be incredibly affordable, and you have a number of possibilities of having there and having back as effectively as having your meat household.

For these of you that want to make a lengthy trip out of it and do some sightseeing you are capable to drive from the US and take a ferry more than to the island (granted it is an particularly ride) and have your personal automobile  so that you can be on your personal clock in terms of returning household.  With this alternative you can have your meat processed, packaged and frozen and it can make the trip household with you instantly.

110 high country 6

The other alternative is to fly, a great deal less difficult and timely for these of us that want to get there and back in an expedited style.  You can fly in to a number of airports across the island based on exactly where your outfitter is and most of them will choose you up proper there and transport you to camp.  I am nevertheless preparing on flying in a couple days early to rent a car or truck and do some sightseeing, but this saves me the 30+ hour trip in a truck from Michigan.


In terms of having my meat household, if I am effective, I have elected to use the suggested shipping corporation from my outfitters.  They will freeze and shop all my meat and at the finish of the year this shipping corporation tends to make one particular trip across the US and has a number of stops exactly where you can meet to choose up your moose.

There is a certain price per box but if you get a bull and ship meat, your antlers also ship for no cost.  Fortunately for me one particular of the pre-determined stops is in Detroit and I am not far from there so once more, ought to I have any luck, I will have an straightforward drive to choose up my moose.  From my investigation, this ended up becoming the easiest and most price-successful way of having every thing back to my household.

Following weighing all of my possibilities I lastly had a sense of clarity.  I am by no indicates a trophy hunter and at the finish of the day the practical experience and the meat are initial and foremost in my preparing criteria.  Would I adore to shoot a giant Yukon Moose? Of course I would, but my pockets are not at the moment deep adequate to fund such and adventure.  A Newfoundland moose while smaller sized in antler and weight was nevertheless a giant trophy in my planet.  Now thoughts you, when I get there I will absolutely adapt my expectations to the situations at hand.

110 high country 6

If I see a spike bull in the initial hour of the initial day am I going to shoot it?  Likely not, but I am also ok understanding that I may possibly go household empty handed.  Now, if I am on the final day and nevertheless however to tag something will I shoot that exact same spike bull…ABSOLUTELY!  Individuals say do not pass on the initial day what you would shoot on the final day, but I do not personally agree with that statement.  A majority of the trip for me is the practical experience, the camaraderie and the adventure.  When it gets difficult is when you see that spike bull on day three in the afternoon…..that is when the gears definitely begin to grind.  Possibly I will get fortunate and I will see the Canadian Bullwinkle on the initial day, wishful pondering.

I have booked my trip with and couldn’t be additional excited!  This component of the approach is exactly where the actual perform comes in, in my opinion you need to have to get on the telephone and contact a bunch of outfitters and then contact a bunch of their references.  To me, this is crucial to make confident you are choosing an outfit that matches up completely with your desires and desires.  You can only find out so a great deal from becoming a keyboard warrior.  Ryan and Jackie from Victoria Outfitters have completely answered everybody one particular of my queries in a timely manner, referred to as me back promptly if I missed them and even spent time listening to me blabber on about how excited I was when they likely had a lot of chores to attend to at camp.  I cannot wait to see them this fall and practical experience “The Rock” initial hand.

So, when you book the trip of a lifetime what do you do subsequent?  Commence acquiring gear simply because you naturally do not have adequate currently.  Keep tuned for the comply with up pieces of my gear guide and assessment on what I am taking and then a comply with up of dos and don’ts!  One particular piece of gear that will not be required is a new rifle.  I currently have that checked off!  This year I picked up a new Savage 110 Higher Nation in 300 Win Mag.  A fantastic caliber for moose and following a current trip to a precision shooting course in Utah I foresee this gun becoming with me on just about each and every hunting trip moving forward.

110 high country 4
Shooting my 110 Higher Nation out to 1,000 yards

Let me inform you, I Appreciate THIS RIFLE!  Following a couple days of instruction, I was holding SUB MOA groups at extended variety.  Even the ex-military instructors have been impressed with the accuracy of an out of the box factory rifle.  Actually, we took it our of the box, mounted the scope and inside an hour I was holding a much less than one particular-inch group at 200 yards.  Most of that time was spent teaching me correct approach. As any of my pals knew prior to this class, any rifle I personal is far superior in accuracy than I am capable to execute.  Properly, that was prior to the course, now I would have a tendency to blame any substantial irregularities on the gun/ammo combination….and nevertheless partially on my skills.

The 110 Higher Nation comes common with the AccuFit technique that enables me to adjust the comb height and length-of-pull.  I in no way realized how significant this was till I had a gun that match me adequately!  When I place my head down on the stock I instantly see my sight image and really feel a great deal additional comfy in holding steady.  When I place in the right AccuFit modules it is astounding how rapidly I can get to my organic point of aim.   On leading of that, is it is a quite sharp hunting gun.  With the spiral fluted barrel and bolt couple with the coyote brown PVD coating I am quite confident I am going to be the speak of the town at any hunt camp I am in with this gun!

I Can not wait to hopefully post some grip and grin images from Newfoundland this fall.  In summary, do your homework.  Commence with a list of priorities and will have to haves and begin to verify issues off your possibilities.  When you are down to a handful, get old college and choose up the telephone and really speak to a person.  In fact, speak on the telephone to a bunch of men and women!  This is really the ideal way to make certain that you are having specifically what you want and are paying for!  Verify back in for the rest of these articles in this series that will incorporate an in depth gear guide and packing list, final trip pre, entertaining information and history about the island and of course a post trip recap.

For additional information and facts on the 110 Higher Nation you can head to Savage’s site.

Make confident to verify back for the subsequent write-up in this series exactly where I will detail my packing list.


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