Thankful for what the creek provides us + enjoyable information about crayfish (pic heavy)


Increasing up I by no means realized the bountiful harvest proper down the road from my residence. There is a gravel parking lot on the side of the highway with a path that leads down to the creek. Certainly, I am gonna preserve the name and place a secret but it really is in Tennessee. We contact it the redneck beach for the reason that men and women drag their lawn chairs, beer coolers, and charcoal grills down there for a superior time. We utilized to go down there all the time as little ones, have a swim, jump off the rope swing.

It wasn’t till three years ago I began fishing down there. I attempted just about every lure you can picture. Rooster tails had been sort of productive. I’ve noticed quite a few men and women down there fly fishing or dropping in kayaks.

Then one particular day my brother told me he was fishing down there when he met an old man with a lengthy grey beard who gave him some tips: Use reside crawdads. We utilized to catch them all the time as little ones just for enjoyable, but I by no means believed of them as bait. People, anytime an old man with a lengthy grey beard delivers you tips, you improved take it! Wade into the shallows, turn more than rocks, catch them with your hands and throw ’em in a bucket.

Ok, it really is far more complex than that. These critters are rapid! You have to have a keen eye and a speedy draw. The trick is to corner them, or chase them to shore exactly where they corner themselves. if you can get a hand on top rated of them, they have nowhere to go. But after in awhile I handle to snatch one particular out of the water though its swimming away from me ( The crawfishing equivalent of a slam dunk). To use it as bait all you have to do is hook the tiny mud bug via the tail with a mosquito hook, chuck that sucker out there, let it sink to the bottom and BAM! It operates quickly. I only had to wait about five seconds and I caught my 1st fish. The prettiest tiny red-eyed rock bass you ever saw.

IMG_3241 (1).JPG

Then a further. And a further. I was down there an hour and I currently had a complete stringer. Each after in a though you catch a substantial Smallmouth. 1 time I was fishing with 6lb hybrid line and I hooked the largest Smallie of my life. Had to be all of about 18″ lengthy. I got a superior appear at it as I was reeling it in. I virtually got it out of the water when it shook violently and snapped my line. I virtually broke my pole in anger, letting out just about every cuss word in the dictionary. It really is ok for the reason that I came back the subsequent weekend and caught him, or possibly his tiny brother. Either way he was scrumptious.


Me and my brother went down there on a Saturday and discovered a hole complete of largemouth

Took my dad on a separate occasion and he brought property some supper

This fishing spot and strategy became my heroine. I was addicted. Each Saturday morning of the summer time. Went property with a complete stringer. Fillet these negative boys, dredge in a mixture of egg, ranch and cream, bread it with Zatarain’s Fish Fri, and bathe in 350 degree canola oil for three mins. Fresh caught fish is the most awesome issue you are going to ever place in your mouth.

Just after a handful of summer time months of productive fishing trips down to the creek, I abruptly had an thought. If the fish really like these crawdads so substantially, these crawdads have to be quite tasty, proper?

I’ve had crawfish in a restaurant but by no means wild. I had to do some investigation 1st. I took a handful of images and emailed TWRA. I wanted to make certain I wasn’t about to consume an endangered species. I know it really is a stretch, but we do have and endangered species right here named the Nashville Crayfish. Turns out they are named Bigclaw Crayfish, and in all probability arrived right here by means of bait bucket from Kentucky. Anyway, after I discovered what I was catching was ok to consume, I set out on foot. Water footwear, Swim trunks, bait bucket. That is it. I did five miles of the creek on foot, overturning just about every huge flat rock with a lobster hiding underneath.

This was my supper that evening

Thats crawfish gumbo, with andouille sausage (one particular entire crawfish for decoration in the middle)

Enjoyable truth, These tiny buggers have 3 unique names in English: Crayfish, Crawfish, Crawdad. So which one particular do you use? It depends on the context. The name Crayfish is utilized when speaking about the species in a scientific manner (e.g. The Crayfish burrows underground throughout the dry season). Crawfish is utilized in culinary style (e.g. We had us a crawfish boil for supper) and Crawdad is the term utilized when referring to them as bait (e.g. Throw a crawdad and you are going to catch one particular).

Effectively, just final week I ultimately met the old man with the lengthy grey beard my brother had told me about. I told him how his tips had spread thorugh the family members to me and he had quite a few stories to inform me of fish he’d caught more than the years making use of crawdads. I watched him land his private finest, a 20″ Smallmouth making use of what for bait? A rubber crawdad. It was a genuine moment of disbelief and utter amazement. He pulled the monster out of the water, kissed it on the forehead, patted it on the tu-tu and sent him on his way.

I did not know specifically which category this post match into. Fishing? Gathering? Cooking? All of the above. I am grateful for what God provides us. If you are fortunate sufficient to have a creek nearby with fish in it, get down there and harvest some wild meals though it really is nevertheless warm outdoors. If you do not have a creek down the road, it by no means hurts to travel. The old man with the lengthy grey beard told me he met a fella from the midwest who took a plane to Nashville and an Uber out into the nation just to fish our tiny creek. I will be down there just about every weekend for certain, bringing property a stringer complete of supper.

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