308 / 7.62 mm MZLMAX Muzzle Break NexGen Defense



This is a never ever been utilised muzzle break for a .308 / 7.62. I am asking $80 OBO. I have place the web site hyperlink and their description under.

NEXGENtwo Defense&#x2122 (NG2) Introduces MZLMAX&#x2122 the initially definitely efficient Multi-Dimensional Muzzle Device making use of AFD&#x2122 “Advanced Flow Dynamics&#x2122”MZLMAX&#x2122, the initially muzzle device to mitigate muzzle blast, recoil and flash successfully in one particular package.   Using Sophisticated Flow Dynamics&#x2122 (AFD&#x2122) and our proprietary Vent Forward Style&#x2122 (VFD&#x2122)   The VFD&#x2122 style implements our 3D “Delay, Diffuse and Direct,” gas management principle.  The MZLMAX&#x2122 re-defines “state of the art” for firearms muzzle management.



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