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7mm Remington Review cartridge

Ever because we fought Spain and faced the 7mm Mauser, Americans have had an interest in the 7mm cartridge of all kinds. I have fired and utilised the 7 x 57mm Mauser and did not very fall in appreciate with it the way some do.

It is a fine cartridge, of course, but I was so hopelessly smitten by the Springfield .30-06 (and later the Mark X Mauser) that I just did not care for the 1893 Mauser rifle. My loss, I am particular!

Then I had a flirtation with the 7mm-08. This is a crackerjack of a cartridge that is frequently utilised by the most skilled rifleman.

Nonetheless, when the 7mm Remington Magnum crossed my path, I sat up and paid consideration. Right here was a 7mm that exhibited a flat trajectory and higher accuracy. However, at least to me, it did not kick any far more than the .30-06 Springfield.

7mm Remington Review cartridge
The 7mm projectile delivers great extended-variety accuracy.

On the other hand, the .300 Winchester Magnum beats me up – and several other people. The rifle I discovered in the utilised rack at a shop was a Savage 110. When I also utilised Remington and Ruger rifles, the Savage 110 has been my favourite for several years.

I like the style, the bolt throw, and the smoothness of the Savage rifle. As for the cartridge, the 7mm Remington Magnum is the outcome of considerable improvement by American experimenters.

A Formidable Cartridge

A 7mm 160-grain bullet at 3200 fps is a confident killer on most North American game and a flat shooter. The cartridge has also observed institutional service by Federal Agents and the Texas Rangers as a counter-sniper.

When considerable practice is required to master the cartridge in this function, it is a confident penetrator and extremely powerful. I have utilised the Lyman die-set to load up a quantity of extremely correct and flat shooting loads, applying mostly Hornady 7mm bullets.

Some say the neck is a tiny brief, other folks really feel the Magnum belt is unnecessary. Possibly so, but the cartridge does not look to know this and delivers great overall performance and accuracy.

Lyman 7mm Rem Mag
Lyman loading dies are very first class and supply actual precision.

Like several shooters, I was after entranced by velocity. Driving a 140-grain bullet to 3300 fps is probable. Nonetheless, if extended-variety accuracy is the objective, the heavier bullets frequently hold their velocity in a superior manner.

If the game is far more than 200 pounds, a heavier bullet is indicated. The 7mm Magnum might destroy far more meat than the .30-06, but it definitely anchors the game as effectively. I believe 150 grains at 3100 fps is the sweet spot for all-about use.

The heavier bullets have been utilised on moose and bear, game I have no practical experience with. The 160-grain and heavier class are definitely correct and supply great penetration for the quantity of recoil generated.

But for what I use the 7mm Magnum for—deer-sized game and target shooting—it is a joy to use and fire. I have mounted a scope that is totally also significantly for the rifle for most utilizes, but then it is a fine scope and I have it on hand.

The March F class is made for 1000 yard competitors. It might look a poor match for a somewhat brief barrel 7mm Magnum, but I am a gun crank very first and genuinely take pleasure in pushing accuracy to the limit. But by no means security!

7mm Remington Magnum Rifle
This is an quick rifle to mount with a scope. The March is overkill in some methods, but performed effectively.

Loads to Appreciate

Hornady delivers great loads for the 7mm Remington Magnum:

My rifle is only fantastic for 1.25 to 1.35 inches for 3 shots at 100 yards. That is basically extremely fantastic for this light rifle, but a new Savage 110 with the complete-length barrel and enhanced stock is a greater decision.

Mine is fine for what I do, and this level of accuracy is fantastic to 200 yards for deer-sized game.

Savage 110 rifle
The Savage 110 is a trustworthy, very affordable and rapidly-handling rifle.

When handloading the 7mm Magnum, I have place sufficient time into it to fully grasp that it is not a issue cartridge at all to load. The 25-degree shoulder permits appropriate head spacing. The belt, effectively, no a single likes it but I have no complaints.

There is a lot of neck tension. I have utilised old requirements like IMR 4350 with great benefits. H4350, IMR4451 and probably a quantity of other folks are fantastic as effectively. With the 82 grains of water case capacity, you will need to use slow-burning powder.

To be frank, it requires some perform to equal factory load accuracy and far more perform to beat it—but it can be completed. This is comparing my hand loads to premium factory loads.

7mm Remington boxes
Federal Ammunition, Hornady Custom, and the author’s handloads have offered fantastic benefits in the 7mm Remington Magnum.

The heaviest load I have utilised to date is the Federal 180-grain Accubond. This is an correct loading that delivers actual energy at extended variety. The Accubond is a verified performer.

I have loaded the Accubond in my individual rifle and also in an order Ruger 77 in 7mm Remington Magnum. Overall performance has been fantastic to great.

When the load is not at it is most effective in a shorter barreled rifle, arguably no Magnum load is. Nevertheless, this is a extremely correct loading in the Savage rifle.

7mm Magnum Savage rifle
The 7mm Magnum Savage rifle is a rapidly handling and trustworthy rifle.

Soon after cautious load practice, weighing every single powder charge and taking care in assembly, my old rifle has sometimes turned in .9-inch 3-shot groups at 100 yards. The stock is tight, the rifle is correctly bedded, and the trigger is adjusted properly.

Most of the time, the groups are bigger. But this is a bargain rifle, if a extremely fantastic a single. The 7mm Remington Magnum is a step up in trajectory and energy from the old .30-06 I appreciate.

7mm Remington Magnum: Conclusion

When I am not providing up the .30-06, the 7mm is clearly a worthwhile component of my functioning battery. If you are seeking for a potent cartridge that outsteps the .30 class in basic (and the .30-06 in distinct), but does so with out heavy recoil, this is the trick.

What do you believe of 7mm cartridges? Let us know in the comments beneath.


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