Justin Carroll drops by to go over what it suggests to be a competent prepper and why becoming an specialist is not the appropriate path for most preppers.

Becoming an specialist in survival sounds great, at 1st. There is the simple information one particular will be necessary to invest a lot of time studying and practicing precise expertise. To most, this is an attractive prospect they have an excuse to dive deeply into an location of study intriguing to them.

And becoming competent does not have the very same ring to it. Who wants merely to say, “I’m competent.” There’s no inherent or overwhelming sense of pride in boasting to good friends and loved ones of your competence.

But there is a robust case to be created for searching for competent status more than specialist status. And in this episode, we debate, deliberate, ponder, and pontificate on the significance of focusing on competence.

Competence Topics Discussed:

  • What is an specialist
  • Why is searching for specialist status harmful
  • What information gaps take place
  • The 10,000-hour principle, its pitfalls, and its misuse
  • What is competent
  • Why most preppers need to seek to turn into competent

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