Emergency Solar Energy for Smaller Spaces


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I have been interested in obtaining solar energy for my apartment due to the fact I began writing Apartment Prepper in 2010. Back then, my searches for a solar energy unit for an apartment yielded really small outcomes, and the ones I did obtain have been really highly-priced at about $1500.  That is why I was really excited to obtain out about  BioLite’s Prep Kit – Apartment Edition, when the people at BioLite invited me to test and critique their item.

I need to point out I am not financially affiliated with BioLite in any way, and this is a entirely independent critique.  The possibility of obtaining solar energy backup in the occasion of an extended energy outage is a enormous advantage for apartment dwellers everywhere so I wanted to see if this is a fantastic item to suggest.

What does the Prep Kit contain?

The Prep Kit-Apartment Edition is offered only for September 2019, National Preparedness Month.  It is an emergency bundle, that can give energy, light and secure water in case the grid goes down. Ideally, it will serve two to 4 folks at residence or in an emergency shelter. The kit consists of:

Reviewing the bundle

Given that there is so significantly to cover, this is Component 1 of a three component series.

Component 1:  Nowadays, I will cover the Solar Dwelling 620.

Component two:  I will cover the Sunlights.

Component three:  I will critique the Headlamps and Stuffsacks that turn the Headlamps into lanterns.

I have currently reviewed the LifeStraw in a prior write-up – verify it out right here.

My impressions of the SolarHome 620

The whole kit came in a mid-sized box and it was really lightweight.

Inside the principal box (shown above) is a shoebox sized kit containing all the elements of the SolarHome 620, which is comprised of:

  • Solar Panel, Manage Box
  • two Hanging Lights
  • 1 Safety Light
  • 18ft of cord amongst lights
  • 21 ft of cord amongst solar panel &amp handle box
  • Owner’s Manual

It only weighs three.46 lbs (1.57 kg) and has anything you require to set it up.

Right here is a photo of all the contents of the SolarHome 620.

I study the whole manual prior to find out how the how issue fits collectively.

The manual consists of directions to show you how to set up the solar panel on the roof, connect it to the handle box as nicely as the hanging lights and safety light.

Testing the kit

The 1st things I took out have been the solar panel and the handle box.

What the handle box does:  The handle box is multi-objective.

  • 1st, it tells how how significantly charge it at present consists of, the sunlight level. It is also an FM radio, and has an antenna.
  • The handle box is also a light itself
  • Has USB charging ports so you can connect the hanging lights and the safety light  when you require them.
  • Charge your little electronics and even has a has a shelf for your sensible telephone.

1st I set up the appropriate time and date on the handle box by following directions in the manual.

Since I reside in an apartment, and favor not to get the leasing workplace involved, I did not set up the solar panel on the roof, nor did I run any wires across my unit. Rather, I placed the solar panel outdoors, attached it to the Manage Box with the wire the comes with the solar panel.  I left the Manage Box on the shelf of my barbecue grill.

The manual indicated the price of charge depends on the sun and climate situations in the region. Since it is the middle of summer time I am confident I will not have any challenges.  The panel shows how significantly sun the unit is finding-93%:

The solar panel can be left outdoors even when it is raining.

At 37% energy, which was the level when I began, the light and radio currently function.

With the antenna partially unfolded, the reception for most of our region radio stations was clear.

I left the solar panel out in the direct sunlight for 4 hours.  As the sun moved across the sky, I also moved the solar panel to get the maximum rays.

After the handle panel showed 100% energy level, I brought it inside.

Powering the Lights

As quickly as it got dark, I tested the hanging lights and safety lights. Once again, the manual does have directions on setting it up lighting in unique rooms but I favor to set it up as necessary. For this test, I location the light on a wall hook, and connected it to the handle box.

I turned it on and it gave a white light that was good and vibrant. There are 3 settings if you want to make it brighter. Right here is a photo of the solar powered light:

Subsequent, I set up the safety light which is a motion sensor. It worked completely. As quickly as you make movement close to the light, it straight away turns on.

My thoughts

The manual’s directions have been straightforward to adhere to and setup of the solar panel and handle box was really very simple. Every item was nicely constructed.

The Prep Kit-Apartment Edition bundle is reasonably priced at $359.55 commonly, but they are at present providing $50 off so the discounted price tag is only $309.55.  Taking into consideration all the things that are incorporated in the Bundle: solar energy, radio, numerous lights, motion sensor light, charger, radio, and water purifier, it is nicely worth it.


I consider obtaining BioLite’s SolarHome 620 is a terrific to have for backup emergency energy, particularly for apartment dwellers who do not have a lot of space. The setup is straightforward to adhere to and can be applied without the need of generating any alterations to your space.

BioLite is providing a number of bundles throughout the month of September, National Preparedness Month, and they can be discovered right here.

Join me on my subsequent post, (Component two) exactly where I will be testing the Sunlights, the solar powered transportable lights that comes with the kit.


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