Governor Abbott Problems Eight Executive Orders In Response To El Paso and Odessa Shootings


Following the tragedies in El Paso and Odessa, Governor Greg Abbott these days issued eight executive orders to assistance stop additional mass shootings by enhancing reporting specifications and making certain law enforcement and the public have the education, tools, and sources they want to supply and respond to Suspicious Activity Reports. Today’s action by the governor is a beginning point in the method to preserve Texas communities secure. To additional advance options and jumpstart legislative action, Governor Abbott will be releasing a report of findings and suggestions from the Texas Security Commission meetings subsequent week.

In the aftermath of each shootings, officials discovered that the mother of the El Paso gunman had expressed issues to law enforcement about her son. In Odessa, the killer had referred to as each nearby and federal authorities prior to his shooting spree. Today’s directives by the Governor will assistance close the information and facts gaps when suspicion of a prospective mass shooter arises. Even though these executive orders will boost law enforcement’s capacity to respond and stop these shootings, legislative options are nonetheless required.

“Texas have to realize numerous objectives to much better safeguard our communities and our residents from mass shootings” mentioned Governor Abbott. “One of these objectives is to marshal law enforcement sources to cease violent criminals ahead of they commit mass murders. But extra have to be carried out. I will continue to perform expeditiously with the legislature on laws to preserve guns out of the hands of unsafe criminals, when safeguarding the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding Texans.”

Pursuant to his powers as Governor and Chief Executive of the state of Texas, Governor Greg Abbott has issued the following executive orders:

  • Order No. 1 Inside thirty days of this order, the Texas Division of Public Security shall create standardized intake inquiries that can be applied by all Texas law-enforcement agencies to much better determine no matter whether a individual calling the agency has information and facts that must be reported to the Texas Suspicious Activity Reporting Network.
  • Order No. two Inside thirty days of this order, the Division of Public Security shall create clear guidance, primarily based on the suitable legal common, for when and how Texas law-enforcement agencies must submit Suspicious Activity Reports.
  • Order No. three Inside sixty days of this order, the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement shall make education accessible to educate all law-enforcement officers concerning the requirements that will be created pursuant to Order No. 1 and Order No. two.
  • Order No. four The Division of Public Security shall develop and conduct an initiative to raise public awareness and understanding of how Suspicious Activity Reports are applied by law-enforcement agencies to determine prospective mass shooters or terroristic threats, so that the basic public and mates, loved ones members, coworkers, neighbors, and classmates will be extra most likely to report information and facts about prospective gunmen.
  • Order No. five The Division of Public Security shall perform with the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Larger Education Coordinating Board on methods to much better inform schools, students, employees, and households about the value of Suspicious Activity Reports and how to initiate that method.
  • Order No. six The Division of Public Security shall perform with nearby law enforcement, mental-well being pros, college districts, and other individuals to develop multidisciplinary threat assessment teams for every of its regions, and when suitable shall coordinate with federal partners.
  • Order No. 7 The Division of Public Security, as nicely as the Workplace of the Governor, shall use all accessible sources to boost employees at all fusion centers in Texas for the objective of much better collecting and responding to Suspicious Activity Reports, and much better monitoring and analyzing social media and other on the web forums, for prospective threats.
  • Order No. eight Starting January 1, 2020, all future grant awards from the Workplace of the Governor to counties shall call for a commitment that the county will report at least 90 % of convictions inside seven small business days to the Criminal Justice Facts Technique at the Division of Public Security. By January 1, 2021, such reporting have to take spot inside 5 small business days.


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