Greg Gibson: Cease The Gun.


son Galen was killed in a college shooting in 1992. In the aftermath of
shootings like the ones that have taken location lately in Texas and Ohio, and
then in Texas once again, pals nevertheless send emails and texts. They can think about the
discomfort such incidents evoke, and they want us to know that they’re pondering about

significantly as we appreciate these expressions of really like and assistance, and as crucial
as they’ve been to our survival, they’re somewhat off the mark by now. Mass
shootings no longer re-awaken the trauma and discomfort that accompanied Galen’s
senseless murder. The truth is, my loved ones does not comply with the reports of these
incidents really closely. My wife and daughter devote time with pals on social
media. My son and I are addicted to what sportswriter Dan Shaughnessy as soon as
referred to as Moron Sports Speak Radio. A survival tactic, no doubt.

I do turn my consideration to reports of mass shootings, I’ve begun to notice a
formulaic aspect to way this news is delivered. Reports are most likely to function
the 911 contact, squad vehicles and SWAT teams responding, smartphone footage recorded
for the duration of seconds or minutes of mortal terror, traumatized survivors weeping and
hugging, and ambulances wheeling away. The perpetrator, of course, is of
interest. Often we even get a mug shot of the crazed young man. We
desperately have to have to know, and we will under no circumstances know, Why did he do it? If we could
figure that out, we assume, we may be in a position to stop the subsequent 1 from
taking place. So we study on. Mass shootings account for only about two% of gun
deaths every single year, and however they suck up a far higher percentage of our

our even getting conscious of it, we’ve entered into a sort of symbiotic connection
with the phenomenon of mass shootings. The news media commodify reports of
these horrific events as “content” and we unwittingly consume this
content material along with the rest of the news. Not simply because we have to have additional information in our
tireless quest to finish gun violence, but simply because these reports feed our news

know that mass shootings have turn into creepy memes that morph and evolve on the
basis of details gathered from prior shootings. However we continue to make
that details readily available – in thoughts-boggling abundance – to the subsequent wave of
racists and madmen. I fully grasp that there is not a conscious conspiracy
involving the news media and the forces of evil. But I do think the time has
come to take a tough appear at the part the media play in this issue.

clear by now that cultural transform will be an crucial element in minimizing gun
violence. It is equally clear that, as significantly as reporters rely on cultural
activity to develop content material, the content material they develop aids shape the culture
upon which they report.

do we not hear additional about the destructive effects of gun violence – 100 deaths
every single day – on households and communities, especially amongst persons of colour?
Exactly where is the reporting on the devastation that trails in the wake of suicide
with firearms by teens, vets, and law enforcement officers – which has risen by
30% due to the fact 2013? Why do we not hear additional about the hyperlink involving ownership of
firearms and domestic violence?

my practical experience, persons who are impacted on a every day basis by gun violence –
persons of colour who reside in precise, socially isolated locations in pretty much any huge
city – hardly ever ask why? They’re additional interested in how. Ruth Rollins, 1
of the founding members of Boston’s Operation LIPSTICK told me that when
somebody is killed in her neighborhood the very first point persons want to know is
exactly where the gun came from? How did it get into the shooter’s hands? She stated,
“If you cease that gun you cease a shooting.”

have to have to dispense with the 911 tapes, the second-by-second descriptions of the
carnage, the postmortem psychological profiling, and the gnashing of teeth more than
warning indicators disregarded.

speak rather about what sort of gun did what sort of harm. We have to have strong
reporting on how the shooter got his hands on the weapons he applied, and exactly where
they came from. It is as correct in your town as it is on the streets of Roxbury,
Massachusetts or El Paso, Texas.

cease that gun and you cease a shooting.


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