Kentucky Squirrel Hunting III ⋆


Yesterday evening it was blisteringly hot. But I truly wanted to get some hunting in. I waited till about two hours ahead of dark to reduce down on the heat. Because this left me tiny time I had to move at jogging speed to the top rated of the mountain in about 20 minutes. Boy do I really feel it currently. Is not that view worth it although?

I didn’t have a great deal luck although. It was just also hot, The squirrel either fed early ahead of daylight or right after dark to stay away from the heat. They do not like it any longer than persons. I did see 1 off in the distance but couldn’t get to him. This was among us.

When I was younger I would have risked climbing more than that. Not now although. Not only do you threat broken legs or ankles, but the nearby timber rattles. Just not worth it any longer. As an alternative I ate all the pawpaw fruits off of all these pawpaw trees you see in the image. I cannot aid myself.

Speaking of snakes and broken ankles.

This is one thing you will generally see in the mountains about right here. The ridges or fingers will have sections like this on top rated. Climbing these are as risky as climbing loose rocks each exactly where else in the planet. The threat of snakes in the hottest days of August and September is quite higher about these. The upside is, when the dead leaves are on the ground and you are attempting to be quiet, getting capable to step on rocks and not leaves is a godsend.

One more helpful hint is utilizing deer paths that run in the path you are stalking towards.

This year the deer population has exploded. You can inform this trail appears like one thing in a public park. They run them like a highway with just as a great deal website traffic and they are all more than the location. I have never ever observed so a great deal deer activity in my life in the location. It is generating the concept of deer hunting this year tempting.

About moving in the woods though hunting. A couple of guidelines for these of you who could possibly be Large City Intellectuals who have no knowledge or perhaps some 1 pondering about beginning. What ever gun you use. Do not stroll about at low prepared like you are patrolling the Mekong Delta or Helmund Province. Carry the gun at its center of balance. With a shotgun , this is about the receiver. Carry it muzzle forward. This is one thing the NVA and VC can teach you. When moving rapidly and quiet by means of trees and brush, the gun tends to make a quite modest profile this way.

The VC would carry guns muzzle forward typically more than the shoulder. You can slip among brush more rapidly and simpler. Carry it at the side slightly tucked up like you see football players run with a football. This will aid you defend it if you fall. In the early morning hours specially, angle the barrel up to pretty much eye level for the muzzle. This will knock spider webs out of the way rather of having them in the face. When moving down hill, hold the gun on the side closest to the hillside for balance.

When you get to exactly where the squirrels are, its typically 1 of these this time of year. It is their favored point right here. And the nuts typically ripen ahead of any of their other foods. Later closer to November they Really like beech nuts. They are not prepared however although.

I didn’t get something yesterday. All I did was burn calories, sweat and drink water. I did take a moment to goof about although.

I have had this KABAR for 20 years now. The manage is the leather stacked washers but it has gone almost black from years of dirt, sweat, blood and grime. I have much more high priced knives and perhaps even greater high quality but I adore these. Howard is not crazy about the KABAR even although he was a Marine. I guess they didn’t do a quite great job indoctrinating him and its most likely the explanation why he is not a Marine any longer. As well sensible for USMC but oddly stubborn about 1 point they got ideal. Fascinating factoid. The year I purchased that knife I also purchased 1 each and every for five persons for Christmas. Now all but 1 of these persons are dead. I purchased two for myself. I often attempt to have at least 1 back up for something I adore, This 1 has been so great the other 1 is nevertheless in its original box in storage never ever getting been made use of.

I like them for the reason that they are a excellent common objective outside knife. Perhaps not finest at any 1 point but much more than great sufficient. I have skinned deer, squirrel and rabbit, Hacked down brush and created fire wood. Applied for consuming and digging and scraping poison ivy off me. I guess I have made use of them for all the things but scratching my ass. Simple to sharpen and challenging. I just like them.

With it is 1 of the finest operating shotguns ever created, My Model 31 which I have pointed out a lot of occasions. Perhaps I will have to make a committed write-up on the Model 31 quickly.

I didn’t bring any meat residence for the pot but I did more than consume pawpaws and make sufficient sweat to refill the ocean.

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