Property Democrats are Pushing Gun Confiscation Challenging, Will GOP Compromise?


Firearms Confiscation Orders Gun Red Flag Laws
Property Democrats are Pushing Gun Confiscation Challenging, Will GOP Compromise?

Washington, DC – -( Gun banners are making use of the current Midland-Odessa, Texas, shooting to strip you — and all lawabiding gun owners — of your God-provided, constitutionally-protected rights.

You are shocked, appropriate?

Effectively, you knew this day would come. The Property Judiciary Committee will quickly be meeting to pepper Republicans with 3 further nasty gun handle measures.

But as we’ve pointed out to you in current weeks: We know the Property Democrats can pass practically any gun handle measure they want.

The genuine challenge is to make positive that Property Republicans do not join them. For the reason that if they do, then that will trigger Senate Republicans to defect in substantial numbers.

And if only 13 GOP Senators turn to the “dark side,” gun handle will pass each chambers of Congress. We’ve currently noticed, in current weeks, Republicans like Dan Crenshaw of Texas say they could assistance a “red flag” law.

This is why we have to have to retain hammering Property Republicans and urge them to hold firm.

The Property Judiciary Committee was supposed to start consideration of 3 gun handle proposals now, but Hurricane Dorian has postponed the meeting till subsequent week.

So right here are the 3 gun handle measures that we will be battling.

  • 1) Magazine bans (H.R. 1186). This bill would ban all magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds. If this bill had been to pass into law, gun owners across the nation would have to pray that they had been under no circumstances forced to defend themselves and their households against numerous attackers — as evidenced in Florida, Texas or Missouri.
  • two) “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Orders (H.R. 1236/H.R. 3076). We’ve talked a lot about this legislation currently. This bill would permit an angry relative or former boyfriend/girlfriend to petition a court to strip you of your gun rights, with nothing at all but a list of unsubstantiated allegations.

This is specifically what occurred to Gary Willis of Ferndale, Maryland, and he was shot by police for the duration of the execution of the gun confiscation order.

  • three) Pervert Protection Act (H.R. 2708). Lastly, this so-referred to as “hate crime” bill would impose a lifetime gun ban on gun owners for non-violent actions — mostly mainly because they held views Democrats do not like. As stated by GOA’s Legislative Counsel:

Not too long ago, at the Mall of New Hampshire, a man loitered in a women’s rest space for an hour — taking photos of ladies in stalls.

If a lady threatened to eliminate him — and he claimed to be “a lady in the physique of a man” as this particular person did right here — that would be a “hate crime.”

All of these bills would be a nightmare for gun owners if they are enacted into law. So please take action now.

E mail Republican Representatives and let them know that they will spend a horrendous cost on Election Day if they assistance Nancy Pelosi’s gun confiscation agenda.

Thank you.

In Liberty,

Erich Pratt
Senior Vice President
Adhere to me on Twitter: @erichmpratt

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