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ProView – Wild Nation Revo

Envision you are out rock climbing in a spot that demands a soft touch due to the fact the sandstone appears to be only one particular step additional in the geological timeline than loose sand. Your route could possibly only have two or 3 drilled pitons in the 65 or 70 feet you are climbing. Add in the reality that your belayer has just discovered how to place on a harness 20 minutes ago and you get a recipe for a significant case of the nervous nellies. In comes the Revo.

Wild Nation Revo

Solution Description: The 1st bi-directional belay device with a backup. No matter whether you are a seasoned climber or roping up for the 1st time, the REVO tends to make belaying uncomplicated, secure, and extra intuitive.

Price tag: MSRP: $144.95

  • High-quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability
  • Functionality


A nicely-made tube-style device that is best for the nervous leader with a green belayer or for the skilled climber who desires the added advantage of a backup function that is often there but is in no way in your way.


  • Tube style device with an internal locking function that actually serves as an “in case of emergency” backup
  • Belaying, specially lead belaying, is created super smooth across a wide variety of ropes (eight.5mm-11mm) which is good for system/guide use
  • Omni-directional set up


  • Simply because the locking function is actually a backup you finish up operating a bit tougher than you would with a regular tube device and a lot tougher with a regular assisted lock device
  • Even in break position (and with the device not locked), there is significantly less friction than with a regular tube device (specially with thinner ropes)
  • It weighs 275g and has a ton of moving components. User is warned to “not drop the device” which tends to make it the only piece of gear I personal that I actually be concerned about it breaking

The scenario above takes place to me on a every day basis as a guide. Although guiding six days a week, mainly in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado, I have the fantastic chance to teach and guide quite a few newcomers in the vertical planet of climbing. You function in that atmosphere with a delicate balance in between becoming mentally sturdy and by not pondering about it. The Revo, having said that, can add an unparalleled level of self-confidence in your belayer.

Overall performance

The Wild Nation Revo is an addition to the expanding field of assisted belay devices, but it stands out in pretty much each and every way that an assisted belay device could. I have a really hard time calling it an assisted belay device as it actually is a catastrophe avoidance device. The locking function is inertia driven which indicates at the speed of four meters per second the device locks as a result stopping all additional movement. “If the Revo does not lock it is since you are carrying out your job as a belayer and controlling the rope correctly” (from the user manual). This is one particular of the most noticeable information about this device: in almost two months of heavy use, I have in no way had the device lock. Which is good, but tends to make you wonder if it is worth the close to $150 cost tag.


This device is made to operate as any other tube style belay device: you belay (top rated rope and lead) and reduced as you would with a regular tube device. This aids hold the functionality and usability of the device at a incredibly low studying level. The ideal advantage I discovered was providing this device to customers to belay me or other folks with as it operates the precise exact same as our tube devices with the added function of the back up: reduced as well quickly or climber falls devoid of a hand on the break strand? No worries, the device will lock rather swiftly. How swiftly? To test this I grabbed a fellow guide and took some whippers. We a tied a catastrophe knot roughly three feet away from the device on the break strand side and had the climber take a fall devoid of possessing hands on the break strand. The device locked on its personal just after roughly two feet or significantly less of rope went by way of the device.

Yet another massive design and style function is that it is omni-directional. No matter which way you feed the rope by way of the device it will function appropriately. No extra producing positive your rope follows the diagrams that have turn into so regular on our devices. This, as well, is a massive advantage with customers who have in no way belayed just before as it keeps the set-up approach uncomplicated and secure. Simply because the primary function of the device is the wheel that the rope goes about, taking in or paying out rope is smooth and uncomplicated – less difficult than any other belay device I have ever employed. It is worth repeating that lead belaying with the Revo is so uncomplicated there is no longer an excuse for quick roping. This gave me self-confidence in the guiding planet as acquiring quick roped and pulled off a route has a higher probability of taking place specially with other locking belay devices. I in no way taught my customers to use something in addition to a tube device as it teaches the right functions of belaying and is a lot less difficult than teaching a new belayer how to lead belay with a Gri-Gri or one more such device. I have began teaching customers to use the Revo since the abilities are transferable to a tube device with the added security of the device’s backup function.

Space For Improvement

It is worth mentioning that this ease of rope movement does come at a expense. Simply because the device has an general level of friction that is significantly less than other devices, your hands have to be engaged a lot extra than they would with even a regular tube device. It is also a lot extra difficult to hold the rope taught at all occasions and rope can simply slide back by way of the device even though you are in your belay approach. This tends to make it a challenging device for belaying hang-doggers.

The Final Word

A nicely-made tube style device that is best for the nervous leader with a green belayer or for the skilled climber who desires the added advantage of a backup function that is often there but is in no way in your way.

For extra on how to use the Wild Nation Revo, come across Patrick’s instructional video beneath.

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Patrick Betts spends half his year as Head Guide for Front Variety Climbing Business in Colorado Springs, Colorado guiding rock climbing across the front variety of Colorado and the desert of Utah. The other half of the year he is traveling and climbing all more than the planet. Patrick is an skilled adventure photographer who enjoys taking images of men and women pushing their personal limits,and capturing the landscapes of the regions that rock climbing requires you. Follow along @adventurethrulens.


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