Rocky Mountain Ungulates – Do You Know These Animals?



A mountain goat is an iconic animal of the Rockies.

Rocky mountain ungulates are all more than the spot in the wild, on farms, and even in towns.  Here is a definition of ungulate along with several prevalent Rocky Mountain animals that are ungulates.

The Rocky Mountains are some of the most spectacular mountains in the globe.  They have astounding views, forests, rivers, and wildlife.  Some of the animals that you are probably to come across consist of fish (such as rainbow or brown trout), birds, and mammals.  The mammals, specially the significant ones, are some of the most iconic animals of the Rockies.  These consist of bears, and several ungulates, such as elk.

ungulateWhat The Heck Is An Ungulate?

A swift google search, or for these old college folks searching in a dictionary, will supply the definition.  An ungulate is defined as, ‘a group of massive mammals with hoofs.’  They evolved these hoofs as an adaptation for operating.

A hoof is actually an elongated toenail.  it turns out that there are two basic varieties of ungulates, primarily based on the quantity of toes the they have.  Some are even-toed and other folks are odd-toed.

There are a lot of ungulates across the globe, such as elephants, camels, and pigs.  Worldwide there are only about 16 species of odd-toed ungulates versus about 220 species of even-toed ones.

Virtually all of them are herbivores, which means that they consume grass.  They are also all ruminants, which means they have 4 stomachs.

Popular Rocky Mountain Ungulates

All of these Rocky Mountain animals are even-toed except for the feral horse, which is odd-toed.


A deer is a ruminant.

Deer – There are mule deer and white-tailed deer in the Rockies.


A significant moose.

Moose – These significant mammals can be discovered in the Rockies and are super cool to come across, supplied you stay secure about them.

Elk – Retain your eyes open for these significant animals, specially for the duration of the rut.


The bighorn sheep is a cool animal.

Sheep – Bighorn sheep and desert bighorn sheep.

Feral Horse

Mountain Goats – Retain your eyes focused on the cliffs to see mountain goats.

ungulatePronghorn Antelope


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