Shooting Ideas for Engaging Numerous Targets



This is a video from a YouTube buddy of mine who has been a competitive shooter for a lengthy time.  You can subscribe to either of his YouTube channels at or

In the video demo beneath each and every target will acquire two hits (double tap) as quickly and as accurately as you can. In order to enhance your speed at which you engage the targets.  He will also demonstrate a couple of factors to appear for as you are going via this motion.  If you do this drill at the variety and place some practice into it, as you fine tune your rhythm, I assume you will obtain the benefits are going to make you a superior shooter.  I hope you delight in the video!

Pistol Shooting Ideas for Engaging Numerous Targets &amp Speedy Double Taps

What sort of drills do you do to practice engaging various targets? Let us know in the comments beneath!

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