13 Wilderness Hygiene Hacks for Camping or Bugging Out


Wilderness hygiene is not just about acquiring rid of your stink so your fellow campers do not have place up with your physique odor all day.

It is vital to keep hygiene in the wilderness to retain oneself wholesome and secure.

If you get as well dirty, you are going to get sick, attract bugs, and almost certainly get some nasty rashes as well.

Right here are some wilderness hygiene hacks which are excellent for camping, bugging out, or surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Do not Skimp on Additional Socks and Underwear

I know you are attempting to pack light, and you will not be capable to pack 30 days worth of cloths in your Bug Out Bag. But do not skimp on the socks and underwear!

Though it is okay to re-put on dirty shirts and pants, your feet and groin get sweaty quick.

Sweaty, wet clothing can fester bacteria, which implies rashes and open sores on your skin. Trust me, you do NOT want this to occur! So pack a handful of further socks and undies just in case.

Rotate Your Socks

Though on the subject of socks, you must rotate your socks as well. As quickly as they begin acquiring sweaty and wet, switch to a dry pair (hang the sweaty ones on your pack to dry out). This will retain your feet dry and protect against blisters.

Verify out our post on the ideal survival socks if you want to know which ones are appropriate.

Transform Your Clothing just before Going to Bed

Generally have a clean pair of pajamas to adjust into just before going to bed. You do not want to put on dirty clothing to bed for the reason that they will get your sleeping bag dirty and for the reason that sleeping in dirty clothing will give you a rash.

Bring a Shovel

best survival shovels

A modest camping shovel is one particular of the most vital items you will have to have for preserving hygiene in the wilderness.


For the reason that you must dig a hole at least six inches deep just before going to the bathroom in the wilderness. Then you cover the hole up with dirt when you are completed.

Otherwise, you threat significant contamination about your campsite.

We reviewed the Gerber E-tool which would be best for this job.

And keep in mind, your designated bathroom location must usually be about 200 feet away from camp.

Female Hygiene

Just after various backpacking trips I’ve discovered a handful of items about female hygiene in the wilderness.

Right here is a rapid overview but I go additional in-depth in this post.

  • Use a menstrual cup. It will save you space in your pack. Steer clear of utilizing pads for the reason that there will be as well a lot moisture, and that can trigger rashes.
  • Pack adequate toilet paper. Wiping with leaves may possibly be additional organic, but they are abrasive and dirty, which can lead to yeast infections.
  • Put on loose clothes. Steer clear of synthetic components for your panties. Otherwise, you will get chaffed and the moisture from sweating will trigger yeast infections.

Say NO to Deodorant!

As a lot as you enjoy your stick of Old Spice, leave it out of your wilderness survival pack.


For the reason that deodorant includes different components which bugs (not to mention other wildlife) come across irresistible. You will quickly come across oneself covered in itchy bug bites, and itching leads to open sores, which leads to infections….

If you are worried about stinky armpits, then just wash your pits nicely with soap and water. Or, bring along a baggie of baking soda and rub this beneath your armpits.

Wash Your Hands!

hand washing without running water

This one particular must be apparent, but the standard hygiene guidelines frequently get thrown to the wind in wilderness survival circumstances.

Generally wash your hands

  1. Just after going to the bathroom
  2. Ahead of cooking meals.

Otherwise some gross fecal matter is going to get into your meals and can make you sick (do not even attempt to blame it on contaminated drinking water!).

Do not have a water supply for washing your hands?

Rather of wasting your valuable water reserves for hand washing, you can just bring a bottle of hand sanitizer with you. The ethyl alcohol in it will kill germs on speak to.

Alternatively have a appear at these procedures of washing your hands without the need of operating water.

Bring a Bandana

When you pack for survival, you have got to pack light. So each single item of clothes far better have a superior goal. A bandana is a excellent point to pack for the reason that it can serve so a lot of purposes:

  • Defend your head from sunburn
  • Use it as a bandage
  • Use it as a tourniquet’ Find out how to use a tourniquet.
  • For marking a trail
  • And dozens of other utilizes

As far as hygiene goes, a bandana tends to make a excellent wash cloth. So bring one particular along rather of a bulky towel.

Pack Dental Floss

Dental floss is one more excellent multi-goal item to pack in your survival bag. It can be employed for fishing line, for sewing up a torn backpack, and a bunch additional.

But do not neglect to use its intended goal of flossing your teeth as well!

Just after just a handful of days of slacking on dental hygiene, your gums can come to be swollen and inflamed. And this is going to HURT like hell, plus make it challenging to consume.

Bathing in Rivers and Streams

Rivers and streams are excellent for taking baths! But attempt to keep away from regions of stagnant water for your bath.

Bacteria and algae fester in regions exactly where water does not move.

Also keep away from any regions which are breeding grounds for fish or insects.

File Nails with Rock

Extended nails can be a hazard when you are attempting to survive. They get dirt constructed beneath them, which can imply bacteria acquiring into your meals.

A extended nail can also simply break, and possessing jagged nails is going to hurt!

Hold your nails trim and smooth by filing them with a rock or on a piece of concrete.

Tea Tree Oil Insect Repellent

Mix 1 element tea tree oil (which you can acquire at wellness meals shops and organic pharmacies) with two components water. It not only performs as a organic insect repellent (superior for ticks as well!), but aids kills bacteria on your skin and keeps you feeling fresh.

Hold Trash Away from Camp!

Not only must you poop 200 feet from camp, but you must retain your trash far away as well.

Possessing trash about camp will attract unwelcome bugs and wildlife.

Do you have any wilderness hygiene hacks to share? Let us know in the comments.

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