17 Survival and Backpack Water Filters Tested


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Ever wonder what survival filter is the best? Maybe it’s a gravity filter or perhaps it’s a pump? Well, the folks at Wideners.com have gone overboard and tested 17 popular water filters for survivalists, including the Berkey filters we all know and love, Sawyer Mini (which I really like for survival purposes), and the Lifestraw, among other popular brands. Plus, the article discusses water contaminants, types of filters, how they actually work, and so much more! This is a must read…

“Few things are as personal as what you put up to your lips and drink into your body. You want to know what you are consuming is safe, reliable, and will hydrate your body to climb that next mountain or sustain you through an afternoon stroll. These facts are the driving force behind one of the most exhaustive tests of popular survival and backpacking water filters sold in the United States.

Did you know that there is no regulatory body that monitors water filter companies and their marketing practices? Consumers can read the claims and data that companies publish, but there’s no independent resource to filter out the legitimate from the hyperbole.

Among a mostly honest field of products, Wideners’ testing shines light on an industry tainted by a few bad players boasting exaggerated marketing claims, seemingly identical products sold under different brand names, and a wave of other shady practices.”

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