Chilly in The Czech Republic


A extended day these days. Leaving the campsite at 06:15 it was so cold, about 7 degrees in reality so  I had evey item of clothes with me on.

At 7.27 am I entered Czech Reublic and it was somehow even colder at six degrees. I gave up and grabbed a coffee in the nearest petrol station and waited for the sun to warm up a bit.

Getting into The Czech Republic was the final nation on my list (quantity 36 in reality) of Mainland European Nations and so it was a case of Europe Full. I will justify my choice of nations in a later weblog post.

When I got going once again the route I chose look to include all the roadworks so it was a tiny cease start out but in in between the roads had been incredibly very good with lots of interest.

Any way, 9 hours of riding in a westerly path has me right here, close to the border at my final campsite. I have a hostel in Brussels booked for tomorrow as it will be a extended ride to get there.


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