Your cryptocurrency Joey King drops by. We talk about the most up-to-date in the globe of digital scarcity and what the future could hold.

Disclaimer: Here’s the issue: You are about to listen to two guys on the interwebs speak about funds and cryptocurrency. So here’s your major warning. Do you personal homework, invest in issues at your personal threat. This is for entertainment purposes only. We’re not providing you monetary tips. I’m not accountable for the shenanigans you get up to. In truth, I could not even be wearing pants nowadays. Once more, guys on the net speaking about issues. You have been warned.

WTC Cryptocurrency Subjects Covered:

  • What keeps Joey and other folks excited about crypto
  • Network speeds
  • The sovereignty vs. adoption and quick of use dilemma
  • The PR BitCoin BitCoin Money wars
  • The mainstream monetary industries quiet obsession with Bitcoin
  • The pervasive myth of digital currencies becoming the domain of criminals and scallywags
  • The most thrilling issues but to come
  • The utility gap and why it is holding all cryptos back
  • Pontifications and prognostications

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