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OAK HILL  Sara Persinger in no way made use of a saw till she was 47 years old. Now she spends hours each week standing subsequent to a scroll saw, creating intricate cuts in pieces of hardwood.

Persinger is an intarsia artist. She tends to make photographs from wood.

“I didn’t even know what intarsia was till I saw a image of it on my personal computer,” she mentioned. “Once I saw it, I wanted to do it. I asked my husband to get me a scroll saw for Christmas. I purchased a DVD to discover the fundamentals, and I watched the DVD though I did my very first intarsia piece.”

Intarsia is a single of two disciplines made use of for creating photographs from wood. The other, marquetry, utilizes thin pieces of veneer reduce and pieced collectively to generate a flat image. Intarsia utilizes considerably thicker wood, shaped and pieced collectively in a manner that creates a 3-dimensional impact.

Intarsia artists perform from patterns drawn or printed onto paper, then glued to the wood to act as cutting guides. When Persinger was a newbie at the pastime, she bought her patterns. Now she styles and draws her personal.

“Doing my personal patterns provides me far more leeway,” she mentioned. “Anything I can visualize, I can do.”

Most of her creations concentrate on wildlife, from songbirds and wild turkeys to deer and elk. She also does Appalachian landscapes as nicely as whimsical scenes.

“I do the nonwildlife pieces since I have prospects who want one thing to hang in their kitchens,” she mentioned.

The course of action starts with a drawing. In her mind’s eye, Persinger visualizes how various wood tones and grains could be pieced collectively to generate the impact she desires. From that, she creates a complete-sized cutting pattern for the woods she plans to use.

“I have to make various copies of the pattern, a single for every single wood colour or grain I strategy to use,” she explained. “Once I have the patterns glued to the raw boards, I take the boards to the scroll saw and reduce them out.”

She cuts the wood gradually, creating certain to preserve the saw’s thin blade centered in the pattern’s lines.

“I use a massive magnifier so I can reduce ideal down the middle of the lines, since the cuts have to be best,” she mentioned. “If they’re the least bit off, the pieces will not match collectively precisely and there will be gaps.”

The saw perform sounds tedious, but Persinger considers it relaxing. “It’s my preferred portion of the course of action,” she mentioned.

Following all the pieces are reduce out, Persinger requires them more than to her workshop’s drum sander and, following transferring the quantity on the pattern to the bottom of every single piece, she sands off the paper.

“That portion is definitely exciting, since that is when I find out what the grain and figure of the wood is going to appear like,” she mentioned. “I normally have a fairly superior notion, but every single piece of wood is various and there are often surprises. It is like unwrapping a present to see what’s inside.”

Though at the drum sander, she also rounds the pieces’ edges to generate a far more 3-dimensional impact.

“Let’s say I’m undertaking a landscape scene with a tree in it,” she mentioned. “I can shape the tree so it stands out from the background.”

When Persinger finishes all her mechanical sanding, she nonetheless faces hours of hand sanding.

“After drum sanding, the edges of the pieces nonetheless appear fairly sharp,” she explained. “Hand sanding eases the edges and provides the final piece a actual completed appear.”

Ahead of she glues the pieces collectively, Persinger hand-rubs a coat of finish onto every single a single. Following gluing, she applies two far more coats of finish.

“That way, you do not appear down into the seams and see any unfinished perform,” she mentioned.

Following two years spent mastering the craft and refining her capabilities, Persinger started promoting her performs at shows. She calls her intarsia small business Deepwater Mountain Styles, for the soaring ridge that rises subsequent to the hollow exactly where she lives.

“I’ve been promoting my perform for about five years,” she mentioned. “I do 80 to 100 pieces a year. My husband and I go to about 5 shows a year, which includes Charleston’s FestivALL.”

Persinger does not take commissions. Alternatively, she focuses her efforts on turning out pieces for shows.

She gets up at four:30 a.m. and heads off to her complete-time job as an elementary-college cook.

“I get off from perform at 1:30 p.m., and I’m normally property by two,” she mentioned. “I’m in the shop by two:15. Later in the afternoon, I come in to cook supper, then go back out to the shop till about eight:00. On Saturdays, I nonetheless get up at four:30, and I head straight to the shop.”

Persinger mentioned that when she costs her performs, she tries to make them cost-effective.

“I want them to be one thing I could go get,” she mentioned. “The owl I do requires about 14 hours. I charge $85 for it. The turkey requires close to 40 hours. It is $240.”

Six dollars an hour is not a massive return for Persinger’s investment of time and work, but she does not thoughts.

“I want people today to be capable to afford these pieces,” she mentioned, “and it is one thing I definitely appreciate to do.”


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