“Festus” – I’m betting it is not his genuine name – sends his “Summer 2019” carry ensemble for today’s consideration.

Mr. Systems Architect (is that a computer system factor or an architect factor?) never ever leaves household with out his Ruger LCR .357 snubbie loaded with .38+P loads.  Intelligent man.   And he carries a Speed Strip with some further freedom tablets.  A smart man.

Festus packs his 5-shooter in a DeSantis leather rig which appears like it is almost certainly an outdoors-the-waistband unit.  Much less concealability, but that is his deal not mine.

Genuinely, the only factor missing is an illumination tool.

At the exact same time, carrying about a giant titanium water bottle would get old fairly rapidly in my planet.

Good vehicles, by the way.  And good Zelos watch.