From one particular domestic terrorist to one more


By now you have likely heard that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has declared the NRA and its members — and by extension all gun owners — domestic terrorists.

I uncover this troubling for the reason that all the cool terrorist names such as “Carlos the Jackal” have currently been taken. I’ll likely be fortunate to finish up as “Lee the Platypus.”

The BOS’ resolution states that NRA “musters its considerable wealth and organizational strength to market gun ownership and incite gun owners to acts of violence.”

Excuse me, but I have to have missed a mailer. Final time I checked, NRA promoted instruction, security and accountable gun ownership. That NRA or any other pro-gun group would incite its members to commit acts of violence is just false and really libelous in the legal sort of way.

It appears clear to me that the move by the BOS is nothing at all much more than a classic try at misdirection — anything made to concentrate their residents’ consideration away from the issues that run rampant inside city limits.

San Francisco applied to be a fantastic city. Decades ago, when I was attending language college in Monterey, if we weren’t SCUBA diving in the Bay on the weekends we had been heading to San Francisco.

The final time I visited San Francisco issues had certainly changed. To place it politely, the city smells of urine and/or feces based upon exactly where you go. The streets had been covered with needles and other indicators of rampant drug abuse.

There had been homeless villages — tent cities reminiscent of the migrant camps constructed by the poor and the displaced through the Wonderful Depression.

The cops I spoke with stated they had been barred from taking any action. They operate beneath a strict list of dos and don’ts that would make officers from any sane jurisdiction blanch and quit en masse.

All the cops blamed city leaders for their woes, and for the cesspool their after fantastic city has grow to be.

On a private note, what bothers me most about the BOS’ BS is that I know numerous — also numerous — fantastic guys and gals who had been wounded fighting true terrorists.  In other words, they sacrificed components of their bodies in the international war on actual terrorism.

To infer in any way that these fantastic people are “domestic terrorists” is just unforgivable.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors requirements to be held accountable for their misdeeds in a calculated, class-action type of way.

In addition to, the only lesson these bureaucrats fully grasp is relieving them of their cold, really hard money.


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