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September 6th, 2019

Generating Modified Circumstances, SEB Rest Upgrades, ChargeMaster Tuning

Erik Cortina Video SEB Rest NEO Upgrade coaxial Lambang Modified Case Hornady Length gauge RCBS Chargemaster

Erik Cortina is one particular of the nation’s major F-Class shooters. A member of Group Lapua-Brux-Borden, Erik has been a major performer at National and Globe F-Class Championships. Erik is also a quite clever guy and a skilled toolsmith who has upgraded his shooting gear in intriguing strategies. Nowadays we function 3 “How-To” videos from Erik. These show how to upgrade a SEB Coaxial Rest, how to boost the overall performance of an RCBS Chargemaster, and how to build your personal Modified Case for measuring length to lands. Watch and learn…

1. How to Make a Modified Case for the Hornady OAL Tool

Hornady Stony Point Tool OAL O.A.L. gauge bullet seating length ogive checker

In this video, Forum member Erik Cortina shows how to build a custom modified case for use with the Hornady Lock-N-Load All round Length Gauge (formerly the Stoney Point Tool). When Hornady sells modified instances for a lot of common cartridges, if you shoot a wildcat such as the 6mm Dasher or .284 Shehane, you will have to have to build a custom modified case. And even if you shoot a common cartridge such as the .308 Win, you can get far more constant measurements if you make a custom modified case from a piece of brass fired in your chamber.

Extra Facts: Want to find out far more? We published a substantially longer story in which Erik explains in higher detail how to created the Modified Case. That report illustrates the five/16″ – 36 RH HSS Tap necessary and shows how to set up the lathe to drill and tap your case. If you are significant about creating your personal Modified Circumstances, you must Study the Complete Report.

two. How to Upgrade your SEB Co-Axial Joystick Rest

Erik Cortina Joystick SEB Rest accessory f-class feet holder

Joystick (coaxial) rests are utilized by major shooters in benchrest and F-Open disciplines. With coaxial rests, you can adjust each vertical and horizontal aim immediately in one particular fluid movement — there are no mariner wheels to spin or knobs to turn. Just gently stir the joystick to move up, down, or sideways. Erik Cortina explains: “If you want to get into F-Class (Open) and want to win, you must get a SEB rest. SEB tends to make an fantastic item, but the one particular factor we upgrade automatically … is adding the F-Class feet. These have a larger footprint and a spike on the bottom [so you can] dig the feet into the ground and make your rest a lot far more steady.” In this video Erik installs a set of Blake Machine Co. F-Class feet. These function a set-screw, so they are effortless to attach and then eliminate for travel (no Loctite!). “Simple but effective” declares Erik.

In the second half of the video (beginning at five:30), Erik installs a Dan Bramley Joystick Holder. This attributes two clamp-on cradles that hold the joystick crosswise under the major (see photo). This handy accessory guarantees your deal with generally remains with the rest (and does not get left at property when you travel to a significant match). This joystick holder has been well-liked with competitors. Erik says, “The Bramley Joystick holder is $60.00 — cash effectively spent.” To order, e mail Dan at dbramley [at]

three. How to Make the RCBS ChargeMaster 1500 Operate Far better

Erik Cortina has been fiddling about with his RCBS ChargeMaster and he found some thing intriguing. Via a series of tests he determined that the ChargeMaster dispensed slightly far more precise charges when he trickled the final handful of 10ths of a grain on to the RCBS pan. Erik wasn’t expecting this outcome, but he confirmed there might be a slight advantage to this trickling technique (as opposed to enabling the ChargeMaster to dispense the complete charge). You can see Erik’s test process in this video:

We must note that Erik’s preferred technique of weighing powder is to 1st dispense a slightly reduced charge with the RCBS, transfer the pan to a laboratory-class Sartorius magnetic force restoration scale, then trickle up with his Omega (Dandy Solutions) Powder Trickler. Nonetheless, if you do not have a $800+ laboratory-grade scale, you may possibly just attempt trickling on to the ChargeMaster pan.

Extra Facts: We have published a far more lengthy Bulletin Report that covers Erik’s Chargemaster Overall performance Findings in higher detail. That report has far more photographs plus a clever, bonus “Beep Defeat Tip”. If you personal a Chargemaster, we advocate you Study the Complete Report.

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