Had to “FIX” the Boyds stock I purchased final Christmas.





I opened the secure to move points about and although this was out… I noticed that the stock warped. NOw the barrel is Challenging against one particular side of the stock.

Let me back up. Purchased this for my Howa Mini six.5Grendel. I pillar bedded followed by bedding recoil lug &amp tang location. The barrel was completely centered as the bedding was becoming accomplished. The gun was a truthful 1/two MOA shooter. As I accomplished what I wanted the gun went in the secure till required.

The stock is a Anshutz style grip, adj Comb and heavy wide foreand for bench use. Like all/most Boyd stocks its left very complete and blocky. Serviceable but chunky and brick like.

I initially fixed the barrel channel. Then with a marker, outlined what I wanted removed. The sides of the stock exactly where 1/2” + wide!! (Along the sides of the barrel.) it was practically 1/4” along the sides of the action. The grip location was complete and thick. I deepened the thumb muscle location then created a thumb rest and a palm swell thinning the whole grip. My index finger at the initially knuckle was pushed really hard against the stock attempting to attain the trigger. So that was smoothed and thinned. Out front I took down the wood a complete three/8” from each and every side and practically 1/4” from the bottom. At the tip I did a slant reduce removing about 1/2”. The forestock was rounded and smooth
Tapered from the front action screw to the tip.
Now the grip is really comfy and fits my hand nicely the fore finish is smooth thin and light.

This was a blk &amp purple stock. I like the colors, but not at all how they exactly where sanded. When I was completed the forestock Was really pleasing. But as I didnt do substantially to the butt, its nonetheless unattractive and undesirable plywood like.

SO, I created the contact to paint it. As immediately after all this is a hunting gun initially. I decided on drab green. I began with lighter Army Green. Followed with “stone finish” dusted more than total stock. Followed with a ghost coat of Forest green. All paint is matte.



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