Magnum Analysis Infant Eagle – A Neutral Assessment?


Magnum Research Baby Eagle - A Neutral Review?

Magnum Analysis Polymer Infant Eagle 9mm

Coming to the conclusion

This was a really hard assessment for me. I attempt and appear to obtain the pros verse cons when I am carrying out a assessment. This is so that I can greater clarify why, in my opinion, I like or dislike the gun. Then you, the customer can see what you consider when you hold the firearm in this case, the Magnum Analysis Infant Eagle.

I am not right here to inform you how to really feel about any firearm. You
can make your personal judgments and I am just right here to present you with mine. If a
item leans as well heavily on the unfavorable side, I will not release the
assessment.  And of course, if a item is
wonderful, I will be the initial to sing its praises.

This all explains why this assessment was so really hard for me. For
each and every “pro” I located a “con” and for each and every “con” I located a “pro”. This ended up
balancing the complete issue out and placing it into the “I am neutral on this
pistol” category.

Pros and Cons of Infant Eagle

It shoots and recoils wonderful, the grip feels awesome, it
holds 15+1 9mm.

The slide is not the finest for racking the firearm. The security is the way to rack the gun providing the opportunity of placing the gun on protected (see this in action on the video). I think the mags are overpriced and do not even show a round count like most guns on the market place these days.

Some of these items you may well more than appear or even consider I am
crazy for placing in 1 category or the other. But, as a reviewer, these are
what I obtain to be superior and terrible.

Magnum Research Polymer Frame overview
Magnum Research Baby Eagle Specs

All round thoughts:

Would I personal the Infant Eagle? Yes. The explanation is very simple. I want to personal all guns but also, mainly because it is 1 much more firearm to train on. It shoots wonderful. I like how it feels and how it recoils, but would it be my day-to-day driver? No mainly because it is not my Ford F150… would I carry every day? No mainly because I have other guns that I choose much more that match me greater.

 I didn’t have any
failures when it came to shooting. Zero failure to feeds, failures to eject,
something. I would like to push the gun to obtain exactly where it will fail, but that
is not a assessment we do on this channel. 

This pistol does not fall into the exact same category as the Desert Eagle, in the case of it just becoming a gun worth owning for the sake of owning 1. Nevertheless, I know it has a location as a wonderful gun in someone’s eyes and hands.


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