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This Russian Airborne crew look to have misunderstood the which means of becoming an Airborne force.

They take their armored cars back into the air, going flat out more than obstacles.

To the most effective of my expertise, this is a BMD-two we see flying above. That is 11.five tonnes of tracked armor you see flying.

The BMD-two is a Soviet airborne, amphibious, and of course tracked IFV (Infantry Fighting Automobile).

Final arrivals of crews of armored cars in the framework of the contest “Airborne platoon” at the web page of the Red Strug.

Under: Greater watch out – flying tanks ahead!

The BMD-two has a 30 mm 2A42 multi-objective autocannon with 300 rounds.

There is also a 7.62 mm PKT coaxial tank machine gun.

The major armament on the prior model, the BMD-1, is generally a 73 mm low stress, smoothbore quick-recoil semi-automatic gun with some 40 rounds. It is referred to as the  2A28 “Grom”

When, and if, the BMD-1 is dropped from the air, it is secured to a particular pallet and parachuted out of a cargo plane. It can also be carried by some helicopters.

To make it “safe” (safer) to land, a rocket parachute referred to as the PRSM-915, was created.

You get the thought from the Tweet beneath. I’d rather not be sitting inside throughout the drop, please.

A lot more photographs, from a different occasion.

This image is just odd. As you may possibly note, the flag on the armored automobile is from Venezuela.


So, how do you like the flying lumps of steel?



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