The Gurkha Kukri Knife – An All-about Survival Knife


The Gurkha Kukri Knife - An All-around Survival KnifeRight after purchasing my second Gurkha Kukri knife, my wife began saying that I have a knife obsession and I have as well a lot of of them. I attempted to clarify to her that discovering a best survival knife is an ongoing search and it is just like discovering the best companion in life. She didn’s look as well substantially impressed by my explaining, and she nonetheless thinks I need to cease purchasing knives. Effectively, what can you do…

Now, coming back to our search for a best survival knife, me, like a lot of other outdoorsmen like to “be prepared” (like the Boy Scout motto says) for any trail-blazing emergency, such as finding lost. But expertise tells us that to tote knife, hatchet, saw, and machete into the wilderness is adequate to give even Rambo a hernia.

A speedy history lesson

“The Kukri is the national as properly as the religious weapon of the Gurkhas.  It is incumbent on a Gurkha to carry it whilst awake and to location it below the pillow when retiring.”  –  Maharaja Padma Shamser Jangbahadur Rana

With its origins going back to ancient occasions, the  Gurkha Kukri knife is not just the national knife of Nepal but is also symbolic of the Gurkha soldiers. It is a prized possession with which soldiers have indelibly carved an identity for themselves.

The overwhelming cutting edge of the Kukri was very first knowledgeable by the British soldiers in India who had to withstand it in the properly-documented battles because 1814 whilst combating the Gorkha army in western Nepal.

It was then that the Legend and romance for this knife have been born. In the Gurkha soldier’s grip, this curved steel becomes an extremely threatening weapon with which soldiers have demonstrated uncommon feats of bravery whilst facing the enemy in each and every battlefield.

The precise origin of the Gurkha Kukri knife is not identified, and it is a mystery that waits to be unearthed. It appears that its origins have been lost in the mists of time.

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Having said that, a lot of historians agree that is one particular of the oldest knives in the globe. It appears that the specific blade shape may well have descended from the classic Greek sword of Kopis, which was dated to 2500 years ago.

The Machira, the cavalry sword of the ancient Macedonians which was carried by the troops of Alexander the Fantastic when invaded northwest India in the 4th Century BC and was copied by regional blacksmiths or Kamis.

Even far more, the building of the Gurkha Kukri knife is related to the crafting strategy of old Japanese swords. These discovering and similarities with other blades make it the oldest knife in the history of the globe.

It is all about the revenue

So we seek the variety of survival knife that would be best for all our desires. But most of us are as well stingy to dish out $300 for a samurai-high quality blade.

Possessing experimented more than the years in the woods with a wide variety of knives, hatchets, machetes, and you-name-it, I have lastly settled upon the Gurkha Kukri knife (also identified as the Kukri knife) as his trusty individual survival knife for camping.

3 motives prevail. It has a curved foot, extended blade created for hacking and chopping (versatile for a lot of camp chores) .It is no bulkier to carry than a hatchet. It sells for about $60, very a bargain on today’s knife marketplace. Larger high quality, far more high priced versions are readily available from a lot of of today’s significant knife makers.

Having in really like with the Gurkha Kukri knife

To hold the Gurkha Kukri knife in your hand offers you that feeling of self-confidence. No doubt, a knife with a foot-extended blade is one particular you need to anticipate to do far more with than just clean fingernails. It has a basic riveted wooden deal with and a dandy leather-coated woo-den sheath with a good wide belt loop.

It tempts you to mount this unit on a den wall subsequent to a bearskin, and some collectors do just that. But immediately after you test one particular you understand it is a tough outside knife due to blade thickness (a complete 1/five inch on leading). The carbon-steel blade is also substantially less difficult to sharpen than stainless steel. And knife specialists will inform you that “sharper is improved.’

It is NOT fancily crafted or elaborately honed like a samurai sword, but you do not spend samurai rates for it either. It was created as a sensible tool like any hatchet or machete, so do not be afraid to treat it in such a manner when in the good outdoors.

Given that the Gurkha Kukri knife replaces “fancy-dancy” with durability, it would be less difficult to wreck a popular hunting knife or surplus machete when hacking up the North Woods ahead of you would get in touch with a tow-truck on the hefty Gurkha.

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The Kukri knife also comes with a pair of tiny “ceremonial” daggers the Gurkha warriors supposedly made use of for striking flints and skinning game. But high quality on these “toothpicks” is beneath par, and they call for substantially sharpen-ing ahead of proving sensible. I gave up on them, and I would choose a Boy Scout pocket knife in location of these “toys.”

The legendary Gurkha Kukri knife dates back to the 12th century. To this day, the Kukri is nonetheless the individual weapon of the Gurkhas of Nepal and Northern India. Kukri creating is a craft handed down from father to son.

The Gurkha warriors have been feared soldiers in hand-to-hand combat due to this lethal “coconut-buster” weapon. The Kukri knife also served as a religious symbol to the Gurkha and indicated by the two notches on the underside by the deal with (“divinity”). Truthful-to-gosh Gurkha knives will also have the word “India” engraved currently on the side of the blade.

The chopping energy of a Gurkha Kukri knife

The “secret” behind the Kukri knife’s astounding hacking and chopping energy lies in its distinctive downward curved 12-inch blade that tends to make it slightly resemble a boomerang. This style improves or intensifies its striking capabilities.

The Gurkha warriors certainly had this notion in thoughts when designing it as a fighting knife. They knew it was capable of severing a man’s head at the neck in combat. A whilst back I carried out my personal “chopping” experiment, and pitted the Kukri knife against a bowie knife, hatchet, folding pack saw, and a machete.

The test objects on trial have been wooden dowels, tree branches, 1×2 boards, pine boards, 2×4 blocks, and even a wooden chair. The Kukri knife won the contest hands down. It took fewer whacks to smash cleanly by way of these objects than the other contenders, such as to my surprise, the hatchet.

The Gurkha Kukri knife is no worse to tote about than a hatchet. When sharpened, it proved powerful clearing brush, creating a lean-to, cleaning fish, sharpening spears, and smashing coco-nuts. It is very good for self-defense (just ask any Gurkha warrior).

An all-objective knife

There are lots of decent “hollow handle” survival knives on the marketplace currently filled with all sorts of “goodies” like matches, fish hooks, and odds-n-ends quick of a rubber raft. These knives are surely fine if you uncover your self briefly lost in the woods for a weekend or so. But let’s visualize if you have been lost in rugged terrain for a week or longer (circumstances on record by pilots, explorers, and so forth.). And, you had to create a sturdy lean-to to guard you from snow or had to hack your way by way of dense forest brush.

Are most of these “hollow handle” survival knife blades actually created for such elaborate outside challenges? A hacking and chopping tool like the Gurkha Kukri knife is actually what you need to have. And, a “multi-purpose” tool (once again like the Gurkha) that can make deadfall snares, create a crossbow, behead rattlers, and which can match comfortably in your pack, would be worth its weight in gold.

A speedy note about sharpening

Out-of-the-box, some Kukri knives could use some sharpening, and I suggest an ordinary hand metal file to “make ready” the carbon steel blade. Although a honing stone will also perform, it is typically as well slow when tackling such a huge knife. If you have ever sharpened a hatchet or machete with a metal file you will uncover they can give you the edge you want.

Electric grinding wheels are not advisable, and I keep away from them when sharpening my knives. They are hard to be precise with and frequently finish up grinding away as well substantially of the knife blade unnecessarily. You may well finish up with a brittle edge this way. Stick to the hand metal file for the typical benefits. Plus, you can simply stuff one particular into your backpack to touch up your Kukri knife immediately after operating with It.


I’ve made use of my Gurkha Kukri knife in the Arizona desert to slice open barrel cactus for water, in mountain nation to get icy snow off my truck’s windshield, and opened a lot of meals cans with it. So subsequent time you need to have a hefty survival knife, take into account the Gurkha Kukri knife. It is a bargain “life-saver” that is challenging to beat.

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