View From The Porch: Uncomplicated Rider


Smith &amp Wesson 43C: It weighs only twelve ounces with a complete cylinder of eight CCI Mini Mags and a set of DeSantis Clip Grips. As an experiment, I installed the clip grips yesterday evening to see if the setup was light adequate to perform in the waistband of my pyjama bottoms.

I was shocked to find out that it operates peachy keen. This setup, then would appear to be a excellent answer for the individual who desires to lounge about the residence in fitness center shorts or sweatpants but not be a single of these folks who keeps guns stashed all more than their property. I dunno that it’d perform for any activity a lot more strenuous than standard about the residence chores, but I took out the trash, loaded the dishwasher, fetched stuff from the basement, and under no circumstances felt like the gun was in the way or most likely to dislodge itself.

Props to Claude, Mark, and John for the notion.


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