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September 8th, 2019

Sunday GunDay: 6mm Dasher Winner From Forum Classifieds

Bob A. 6mm Dasher Sacramento F-Class March Madness

With the 6mm Dasher cartridge becoming well-known with PRS/NRL competitors as nicely as the benchrest crowd, we believed it was time to re-pay a visit to a specific rifle chambered for the 6mm Dasher wildcat. This gun has a wonderful story behind it. Forum member Bob A. (aka “Killshot”) employed his “Forum Classifieds Special” to beat all comers in the F-Class Division in the American-Canadian Match and the Extended Variety Regional Match in 2013 in Sacramento, CA.

Bob’s 6mm Dasher sports a blue-printed Rem 700 action. Who says you want a higher-dollar custom action to run with the major dogs? In reality, this identical gun, constructed with elements sourced from AccurateShooter Forum Classified Advertisements, set a Sacramento F-Class variety record of 200-17X a couple of years back. In this story, Bob talks about the construct, and he explains his solutions for loading ultra-precise Dasher ammo.

Bob A. 6mm Dasher Sacramento F-Class March Madness

Bob’s Spending budget-Construct Dasher F-Classer
I wanted to construct a appropriate rifle for F-Open but required to maintain it uncomplicated and, nicely, inexpensive. I discovered a strong “base” to construct on in the type of a Dave Bruno-constructed, “pre-owned” six-six.5×47 Lapua that I positioned in the AccurateShooter Forum classifieds in late 2011. The base action was a trued and blue-printed Remington 700 receiver circa 1971 with a spiral-fluted bolt. It was in a Shehane ST1000 stock painted sky blue and had a Jewell 1.five-oz BR trigger. I sent the bolt to Greg Tannel (Gretanrifles.com) to have the firing pin hole bushed and sleeved, the ejector removed and the hole filled and the face trued. I upgraded to Tannel’s Light Steel firing pin assembly although it was out.

Getting the operating bits completed, I required a barrel. So I went to the AccurateShooter classifieds once more and discovered a 1:8″-twist, 30″ x 1.25″ (diam.) Bartlein with a .236″-land bore. I known as Dave Kiff and explained my pursuit and he encouraged his PT&ampG “world record” six Dasher reamer (.2704″ no-turn neck and .104″ freebore). A month or so later the reamer and gauges arrived.

I had the barrel chambered by Marc Soulie of Spartan Precision Rifles (510-755-5293, Concord, CA). Marc is a wonderful builder and I’m pleased to contact him a pal.

Bob A. 6mm Dasher Sacramento F-Class March Madness

The rifle got its great appears from a Pennsylvania artist named Kenny Prahl. His Prahl Styles shop (724-478-2538) added the white ghost-flames more than the current sky blue metallic paint.

Appears Good, Shoots Superior
Fire-forming showed wonderful guarantee — ten-shot groups of half an inch at 200 yards had been standard. I lost only one particular case to a split neck and the “blow lengths” are great and constant. This was followed up with load improvement which saw 100-yard, 5-shot groups in the .1s and .2s as the rifle showed its preference for Reloder 15 more than Varget powder, and for CCI 450s more than all other primers. The bullet of decision was the ever-well-known Berger 105gr Hybrid Target.

Bob A. 6mm Dasher Sacramento F-Class March Madness

In February 2012 I started shooting the Dasher in month-to-month club matches at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center, the dwelling variety of a quantity of superb F-Class, Benchrest and Higher Energy shooters. Applying a Farley Coaxial rest up front (also picked up from a WTB ad on AccurateShooter’s Forum) and an Edgewood bag in the back, I progressively enhanced my gun-handling to the point exactly where I could shoot a respectable score. This was extremely unique from the bipod shooting I’d carried out in the previous in F/TR.

Bob A. 6mm Dasher Sacramento F-Class March Madness

Bob A. 6mm Dasher Sacramento F-Class March MadnessDasher Loading Recommendations
My chamber is set up for blue box Lapua 6mmBR brass. My case preparation is straight-forward. I fire-type with virgin situations suitable out of the box. I do not size them but I will give the primer holes a great appear and clean up the flash hole with a .058″ bit in a pin vise. To fire-type, I seat a Berger 108gr BT .30″ into the lands more than a typical 6mmBR load of Varget.

For match loads, I use Alliant Reloder 15. Whilst Varget is significantly less sensitive to temp modifications, RL15 has offered me reduce intense spreads and greater lengthy variety handle. [Bob acknowledges that every barrel is unique, so a different powder, such as H4895 might work better for you.]

I clean my fired situations with stainless steel media in a Thumler’s rotary tumbler just after every single firing. I anneal just after every single other firing making use of a Bench-Supply machine which is extremely nicely created and effortless to operate. I use a Whidden complete length bushing die with Redding bushings for sizing.

Immediately after sizing, I chamfer the inside of the neck with the K&ampM tool which has a pilot rod centered in the flash hole. Then I’ll give the neck and mouth a “once over” with some 0000 steel wool. I finish loading off with a Redding Competitors Seating Die with the micrometer best.

Bob A. 6mm Dasher Sacramento F-Class March MadnessI use a carbide ball on the expander rod of the complete length sizing die. I use a .266″ TiN-coated bushing and the ball just kisses the inside walls of the sized neck. I get extremely constant neck tension this way and have had no situation with split necks.

Seating Depth Considerations
With fire-formed brass, the junction of the bullet’s bearing surface and boat-tail is above the neck/shoulder junction of the case, so I have no concerns with donuts. You can see how a loaded round appears in the photo at left. For occasional trimming, I use a extremely good tiny Possum Hollow trimmer that indexes on the case shoulder.

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