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Our close friends at Biolite has place with each other a series of gear bundles meant to provide households with back-up energy and lighting solutions for each emergency and each day use. These things are in particular valuable for camping and off-grid outings, but can serve valuable purposes at household as properly. Biolite is placing with each other a unique supply for September, which is National Preparedness Month.

Biolite’s household bundle

Our mission is to build medically ready households, so we looked at their household kit ($459.75 (that is $75 off their standard value!) This bundle consists of:

•             [4]

•             [1]
SolarHome 620

•             [1]
SolarHome 620 Charger

•             [4] Grey
HeadLamp 330s

•             [1]
Lifestraw Household



•             Sunlights
are 100 lumen lights are handy light sources that present secure
illumination anyplace in the residence or camp. They do not tip more than nor do they run
out. Just recharge by means of microusb or with the integrated solar panel. The household
bundle comes with 4.

•             Sunlights
can be hung or stand on their personal anyplace you will need light. They are dimmable so
you can manage the power expended.  The
light can modify colors to entertain the children or you can place them into red
evening vision.


  • Fitting into the size of a shoebox, the SolarHome
    620 is a fantastic energy supply in a compact item.
  • The 6W solar panel charges up the entire program
    in one particular day in direct sunlight. Just expose on a deck or roof.
  • The Manage Box makes it possible for you to manage lighting
    and access energy as necessary. Hang or location standing up in a central location The
    solar panel has 21 feet of cord which is lengthy sufficient for it to be outdoors
    soaking up power even though the rest of the program is inside. The manage show
    shows how substantially energy if obtainable so that you can use it wisely.
  •  There are
    two USB ports for charging phones or headlamps. 3 added hanging lights    allow extra than one particular to be lit at a time, providing
    affordable lighting to a restricted location. A fourth light and an FM radio are constructed
    in. The brightness of the lights can be individually controlled.


I’ve often talked about the significance of a medic to be
in a position to use each hands when functioning on an injury. Considering that injuries can happen at
evening, a head lamp is vital, and Biolite’s household kit comes with 4.

Speak about vibrant, this 330-lumen hands-cost-free light is that
and extra it can final for up to 40 hours on low mode. When applied intermittently,
each and every charge can final various days.  It’s
comfy to put on and could even match kids.

The headlamps come with “stuff sacks”. These permit you to
use the head lamp as a lantern you can hang exactly where necessary.

LIFESTRAW Household 1.

LifeStraw Household Set

If you are an outdoorsman or a member of the preparedness
neighborhood, you possibly know abut the compact, lightweight LifeStraw. The
classic LifeStraw is a well-liked item for the single backcountry hiker, but the
household version is in a position to be applied for, properly, households.

The Lifestraw’s hollow fiber membrane removes:

  • 99.999999% of bacteria (E. coli)
  • 99.999% of parasites (Giardia, Cryptosporidium,
    and so on.)
  • 99.999% of microplastics
  • 99.999% of viruses (Rotavirus, Hepatitis A,
    and so on.)

•             This 18-ounce
program utilizes gravity to pass water by way of a purifier. You hang it in your
kitchen from a doorknob or hook, fill with water, turn a knob, and fill cups,
bottles, or pots.

•             The
LifeStraw Household is meant to final. Lifetime use is four,755 gallons (18,000
liters)! That lasts lengthy sufficient to cover three years of drinking water for a household
of five.  Limitless shelf life. Weighs 18oz.

The LifeStraw has undergone strict testing by the Planet
Well being Organization, the Environmental Protection Agency, and other individuals.

All in all, the Biolite Household Kit is a fantastic addition to your camping or preparedness supplies. Take benefit of Biolite’s National Preparedness Month bundles to save some dough.

Amy Alton ARNP

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