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As outdoorsmen, survivalists and preppers we really like our kits and bags!  We have survival kits and fire kits, shelter kits and bushcraft kits, and so on.  We also have Bug Out Bags, Go Bags, 72 Hour Bags, INCH Bags and Get Dwelling Bags.  Well this post is going to deal with the latter.  The Get Dwelling Bag.  What is a Get Dwelling Bag, How really should it be utilized, how significant really should it be and what really should go inside of it? Verify out the two videos beneath for answers to each of these concerns!  You can also verify out this earlier post I did on the similar topic, that didn’t have an accompanying video:

Get Dwelling Bag – Idea

What Are The Contents Of A Get Dwelling Bag?

What Other Products Do You Consider Could Go In A Get Dwelling Bag?

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